My Favorite Things—#8 Food, Beer, Wine

Let’s get to know each other! In these first months as a Magical Musings blogger, I’m sharing my 10 favorite things and hope to hear about yours.

One of my great delights in life is good food and drink. Or is that two delights? I’m not picky—I like everything from fine dining to hamburgers (though I’m quasi-vegetarian so it’s veggie burgers for me). I delight equally in expensive wine, cheap beer, and clean, cold water.

Enchiladas, rice and beans

Enchiladas, rice and beans

Here’s a picture of one of the best meals I’ve eaten, from a strip mall restaurant. Cheese and onion enchiladas, fluffy rice, and refried beans spiced to perfection and topped with guacamole. Mmm.

I enjoy tasty food and crisp, refreshing drink, so much that food and drink figure significantly in my writing. I didn’t have to go far to find this example, from Bite My Fire, Biting Love Book 1. “I” is Elena O’Rourke, a cop who has just found out vampires are real.

A clunk caught my attention. The Princess slid a thick plate in front of Gretchen, a raspberry scone dwarfing it. Icing flowed like a glacier over the scone and onto the plate. Another whipped-cream-topped mug appeared at my elbow.

Food and drink. Homey warmth. It made the creepy recede a bit.

Cake!Strangely, much as I love food and drink, except for lemon meringue pie, I’m not that great a cook. I’d rather be writing about it. lol. Fortunately my family makes up for my lack. Here’s a cake my son made in chef school.

What about you? Do you like food and drink? What’s your favorite?


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12 Responses to My Favorite Things—#8 Food, Beer, Wine

  1. Misty Evans says:

    I love food, too, Mary…and it also plays into my writing. I get tired of heroines who never eat and never sleep. LOL. I don’t mind cooking either when I have the time and don’t need a bunch of ingredients that require a special trip to the store. I use All Recipes app a lot for easy ideas, and since I’m bored with the same food all the time, the app helps me switch our usual meals out for new ones without taxing my brain! 🙂

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Misty,

      Oh, yes, those heroines who go for days on end without breaks but suffer no ill effects–so funny! There’s a rhythm of tension and release to good music and good writing, and all tension, all the time is to me like constant white noise or a 60 cycle hum. 🙂

      Thanks for the All Recipes app tip! I’m giving that a try. Ooh, just found a chicken and corn chili crockpot meal that looks *easy*. Thanks!!
      Mary Hughes`s last blog was …A Heroine Named Mary–Guest Roxy Mews–Plus Giveaway!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Wow! That cake looks wonderful! One of my favorite things is in my fridge right now: bing cherries. I think I bought at least 3 big packages this week. It’s only 2.99 a pound at the Pig right now, and that won’t last. They’re delicious, too. And I love dark chocolate, but not too dark. And pistachios and cashews. If only I loved vegetables, I’d be a healthy eater…

    Like Misty, I use All Recipes a lot, too. I’ve found some great ones there, and the comments are very helpful.

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Edie,

      Thanks! He’s got The Touch for food that I don’t. Me, that cake would be lopsided and I’d have eaten half the frosting before it got on the cake 🙂

      I love bing cherries! I’ll have to stop by the Pig. You could cover them in dark chocolate (I like the 65% stuff) and have a twofer 🙂 You like fruit–that’s healthy! I do like vegetables but the prep time means I eat a lot of them canned or frozen. Although cauliflower, plunked in a dish with a drizzle of water and a loose covering of plastic wrap, in the microwave until tender, then drowned in cheese sauce, is out of this world.
      Mary Hughes`s last blog was …A Heroine Named Mary–Guest Roxy Mews–Plus Giveaway!

  3. I really like writing about food too. I always think it’s fun to describe the dishes that my heroines make and eat. Cheese fries are one of my favorite dishes. Definitely not health food, but they are so good.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Poison Promise first chapter online …

  4. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Oh, yum, cheese fries!! Now I’m adding that to my grocery list. Lol. I love that you write your heroines making food and eating. It makes them more real to me. What they eat, how they cook it, even how they react to it. My favorite comics used to be Garfield’s reaction to coffee on Mondays. The wild eyes, the coffee cup huge on the foreground, Garfield saying, “Bean me”–too funny.
    Mary Hughes`s last blog was …A Heroine Named Mary–Guest Roxy Mews–Plus Giveaway!

  5. Amy R says:

    Hi Mary – yes I love food and drink! But, I am way more picky than you and not very adventuresome when it comes to trying new things. If I am hungry, I want something I know will like. But, if it is a dessert, well, then I am game for anything…like that cake in the picture! Yum!

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Amy,

      I hear you. I have to be in the right mood to try something new. And I’m not into anything with more legs than I can count (except shrimp, for some reason). My husband and son will try anything edible. And usually put hot sauce guaranteed to roll up their eyelids on it to boot. Lol.

      I am totally with you on dessert! The more frosting the better. Thanks for the nice words on the cake. I go a little proud mama with how well he cooks. 🙂
      Mary Hughes`s last blog was …A Heroine Named Mary–Guest Roxy Mews–Plus Giveaway!

  6. Hi Mary! That cake is awesome!

    So my heroine in my WIP just ate a Violet Crumble, which meant I had to go out and get one too. 🙂 Food and drink are two of my favorite things for sure. I’m pretty much a bottomless pit, which isn’t good as I’m getting older. And I have a sweet tooth. I do try and eat healthy most of the time, but that sort of goes in waves. If’ I’m stressed, I’ll eat terribly, grabbing whatever’s nearby.
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …One month until Veiled Target + Giveaways!

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for the nice comment on the cake! I am a bit biased on that 🙂 Violet Crumble sounds delicious! I’m going to have to try to order some off the Internet. I love sweets too. I admit that sometimes I’ll have dessert instead of a meal. Oh, yes, stress eating, and eating to stay awake! Rice cakes are good for that. Lol.

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