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St Paul's Cathedral 1896

St Paul’s Cathedral 1896

I recently entered the wonderful world of historical archive site retronaut.com. They have an amazing archive of historical photos beautifully sorted into time periods, and as a historical author, I am getting so much inspiration from them.

I’ve started sharing some of them on Facebook and twitter, and I am also loving the responses I’m getting.

I can’t share the photos directly, because of copyright issues, but I can share the links, so photos like this one of two construction workers eating their lunch and reading a newspaper at 70 feet above London, really show you real life is sometimes stranger than fiction. 🙂

Or how about this one of Russian Princess Anastasia smoking a pipe with her father, Tsar Nicholas II in 1916? What an amazing photo, and all the more poignant when you think what happened to both them and the rest of their family not long afterward.

And while there are plenty astonishing photos on the site to see, it’s the ordinary ones, like this one, of a toaster made in the 1920s, one the characters in my current project set in 1927 might actually have used, delights me just as much.

Do you get a kick out of seeing old photos, and taking a trip down memory lane?

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6 Responses to Historical Photos

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Great images! I got chills to see the picture of the tsar and Princess Anastasia. I’ve never seen her picture before, and something about their obvious enjoyment – and our knowledge of their future – made it more poignant.

    • I agree, Edie. I think it’s the first picture I’ve ever seen of her, as well. Knowing what was in store for them definitely made the picture more interesting and poignant.

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Michelle,

    These are truly wonderful pictures. I love to see how different things were, yet so normal for the people living them. Lunch, so high! And the cars and trucks were fairly new in 1927, weren’t they? Yet folks are going about their business. Thanks for this glimpse into the past!

  3. Amy R says:

    Historical photos are fun. I especially like looking at “then and now” type photos to see how a landscape or city has changed. It really brings history full circle when you see those. Thanks for sharing your love of history with us, Michelle! Both in fiction and your real life adventures!

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