It’s All About Relationships; Places Included- Guest Blogger Christine Feehan

What Sea Haven might look like

What Sea Haven might look like

When you think of books you love it’s more often the characters that make you love the story.  There may be magic powers, great romantic chemistry and a hook that draws you in, but it will always be relationships that keep you coming back to read again, or read the next book in the series.

There are some books in which the place the characters live is important and you fall in love with it.  The place becomes like a character itself and you can’t imagine the story happening anywhere else.  It could be Cedar Cover, sweet and homey like only Debbie Macomber can bring to life for us, or Robin Carr’s Thunder Point, or maybe it’s a ship like Firefly?  The point is, where something happens can be very important to a story.  So when I decided to create Sea Haven I put a lot of thought into what it would be like, why it needed to be that way and what the town would bring to the characters themselves as well as the story.


One of the Sisters of the Heart books

Sea Haven, the home of two series; The Drake Sisters and Sisters of the Heart may be familiar to anyone who has been on the West Coast along Highway 1.  I fell in love with the Northern Coast of California many years ago.  It’s inspiring, serene, beautiful and holds an energy to it hard to describe, but it’s easy to feel.  Many creative people are drawn to the Redwoods and the ocean, people looking for calm and peace.  It’s magical in its own way, which is why I put the small town in such an area.

The people of the coastal area in Northern California are unique as well.  People are drawn to the energy there to be creative so you have many artists creating unique clothing, sculpture, food, beautiful items from blown glass to jewelry.  They are open minded in a way that is accepting of other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles.  And I’ve done a great deal of research to make Sea Haven feel real. (  So, when I needed an entire family of sisters who have magical abilities to feel accepted and cared for, I knew Sea Haven would be that place.

Looking out over the ocean or walking my dogs out in the woods I feel the serenity of this place.  I knew my sisters of the heart, women who went to therapy together and found sisters in each other, would be attracted to the calm and peace of the place just as my magical Drake sisters found it accepting and loving.

Sea Haven doesn’t really exist on a map.  But, it exists in my heart and in my stories.  It’s all the beauty I have seen in the many small towns up and down Highway 1.  The way I feel when I am at the ocean or in the woods, or chatting with the artisans in the local area is how I want people who read these stories to feel when they come to Sea Haven in my stories.

There’s something magical about a small town that seems to take you in, hold you close and care for you.  There’s certainly magic in Sea Haven.

You can read the first chapter of my most recent Sisters of the Heart series here-

Do you have a place that you go that feels magical to you?

About Christine Feehan-

#1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has over 40 novels published, including four series.  Each of her four series has hit #1 on the NY Times. Her debut novel Dark Prince received 3 of the 9 Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature for 1999. Since then she has been published by Leisure BooksPocket Books, and currently is writing for Berkley/Jove. She also has earned 7 more PEARL awards.

She is pleased to have made numerous bestseller lists including the New York Times,Publishers WeeklyUSA TodayBookscanB. DaltonsAmazonBarnes and Nobles,WaldenbooksIngramsBordersRhapsody Book Club, Washington Post, and Walmart. She has received numerous honors throughout her career including being a nominee for the RWA’s RITA.  She has received a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times and the Borders 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award.

She has been published in multiple languages and in many formats, including large print, palm pilot, e-book, and hardcover.  Her ground-breaking book trailer commercials have been shown on TV and in the movie theaters. She has been featured on local TV, appeared on the The Montel Williams Show, and her book Dark Legend was featured on the cover of Romantic Times Magazine.

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International speaker, business woman, author, mother, wife and owner of seven dogs. I love people, am an advocate for animals and stay up too late at night reading books.
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32 Responses to It’s All About Relationships; Places Included- Guest Blogger Christine Feehan

  1. I love both the Drake Sisters series and the Sisters of the Heart series!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I adore the Drake sisters and Sisters of the Heart I wish you wrote those faster lol 😉

  3. Marlena Ritter says:

    I love the sister series and the sisters of the heart series. But will we ever learn more about the brothers that end up with the sisters.

  4. Beverly says:

    I love all you series because you always bring them to life, whether it is with the characters, place or time. Your writing can transfer me into a magical world where the lives and struggles of others, become my own. I love reading when a writer can transport the reader into another universe. It is MAGICAL.

  5. Nancy says:

    Just spent time up the Northern California Coast and it did feel like Sea Haven love your story lines for there. There is a wild and untameable atmosphere on the coast with the clear clean beaches the rugged cliff tops and swirling sea. Thank you for bringing us these remarkable stories. 😉

  6. Laura Skipworth says:

    I love both series in Sea Haven. Love all your books. You are my favorite author.

  7. Nora says:

    Love your books! Hurry and put another one out! I love all of your series books. I’ve reread a lot of them. 😉 😆 😀

  8. Jodi Sheets says:

    I love all your books I didn’t know about the Sisters of the Heart Series it’s kind of hard sometimes keeping up with my favorite authors and the different series. This one sounds wonderful how many am I behind and what are the titles so I can find them. So sorry you are my first author(now I am dating myself here) in high school who introduced me to the Paranormal and I still love the series.

  9. Theresa says:

    I love all your books and enjoy following the series. The new books never seem to come out fast enough for me – even though I know it takes a lot to write them. Thank you so much for enriching my life with your stories!

  10. amy says:

    Love this series as well as the Drake sisters.
    The way you describe Sea Haven makes me feel like I’m right there. I wish it was a real place.

  11. Edie Ramer says:

    Christine, welcome to Magical Musings! I’m a big fan of Robyn Carr’s books. I also love books with a magical element. I’m definitely hopping over to Amazon and checking out your books!

  12. Kayleigh says:

    I love the Drakes and I love their men. I seriously can’t decide who is my favourite out of Ty, Ilya and Matt! I love The Sisters of the Heart and love that Rikki is autistic, something my sister too loves. I also love that Lev says to his brother that she’s autistic not stupid. The only thing I fear is when all the sisters Drake and the Heart come together. I worry for my poor Ilya possibly having to decide between his brothers and his wife and family. We all know that it’s Joley all the way, but still I want everyone to get a long. I can’t wait for the rest of the series, Especially the sister who strangely already has a marking…. something else me and my sister having many theories on!

  13. Roslyn says:

    I love, love, love the Drake Sisters and the Sisters of Heart series. I agree that location is a huge part of the love I have for these books. 🙂

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I love both series set in Sea Haven. I read the story as much for the imagery of the place as I do for the stories. Thank you for wonderful works of art.

  15. Rosie Estrella says:

    I’m entranced reading about the Drake sisters, but what brings your stories to life is the places in and around Mendocino and Fort Bragg. Sometimes, while jogging at Noyo harbour, I find myself visualizing events from your stories. It’s just magical! I love that you speak to the hearts of the women reading your books. Again you are amazing!

  16. Regina says:

    I fell in love with all your series. My love affair with your books began when my mother-in-law gave me a copy of Street Game from the Ghostwalker series. Then my sister introduced me to the Drake Sisters. I discovered the Dark Series on my own and followed with the Dark Wolf series. I found an intro to the Sisters of the Heart in the back of one of the books and couldn’t wait to revisit Sea Haven. The locations in each of these series comes alive with feeling and detail. I love walking along the cliffs of Sea Haven and in the Carpathian mountains and forests.

    I pass on books that I’ve read so others can read them, but I keep all my Christine Feehan books. I reread them frequently while waiting for another to come out. I don’t use any e-book readers because I love the feel of the pages as I turn them and the smell of a good book takes me away from the everyday life of a human.

  17. Joann Hunter says:

    This is my 2nd favorite of Christine’s series. The Drake sisters are first.

  18. Darchelle says:

    I love the unique and magical qualities of the Northern California coastline as seen through your eyes. As a native Californian, I often forget and take for granted the aesthetic beauty of the environment that surrounds me. I was so excited to learn Sea Haven was the location for the Sisters of the Heart series and we’d see more of the Drakes and Prakenskii’s. I’m still reeling from the action packed ocean adventure in Air Bound and am looking forward to the next release, Earth Bound. Will we see a return to the farm and Sea Haven?

    I love all 4 of your series and anxiously await news about the new paranormal series featuring “bad boys”. Can you share any new tidbits about the new series? I promise not to tell. 😉

  19. Autumn says:

    Love all your books ! Read them as soon as they come out.

  20. Denise Missi says:

    love the both of them!!! 😛

  21. Penny Staley says:

    I love all your books and anxiously await the arrival of a new one

  22. tina Rhodes says:

    Love both the Drake Sisters and Sisters of the Heart! You are an awesome writer! Reading these stories makes me think everything is magical!

  23. Tammy says:

    Love both series Drake sisters and Sister of the Heart, can’t believe I have to wait until next year to read about little Lexi but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.
    Also love your Dark series and the Leopard but if anyone ask me to pick just one I can’t Love them all

  24. Elsie says:

    😆 I love being near water and in secluded glens. You characters draw back to each story you write. Thank you for being part of my day

  25. Frances Lucero says:

    Love both series and Seahaven is a real place to me. You have created a town I can really see. 😀

    My favorite place is Yaak MT. Beautiful forest and Mountains and I sky you wouldn’t believe . The stars looks like they are so close at night.

  26. Karen Shaffer says:

    Love the Drake sisters and Sisters of the Heart series, proud to say I am a huge Christine Feehan Fan love all her series!!

  27. Michellel says:

    I love all her books. Currently, read the latest sister book. As always, Christine Feehan has done it again and knocked another one out of the park. You cannot seriously have a favorite with her books – in my case – it’s all of them.

  28. Adaiah LaVonda says:

    Christine, your description of Sea Haven is so beautiful I know it’s a place I would love to move to. The relationship between the Drake Sisters is so touching. They have each others backs as well as the men in their lives. The SOTH series has a little bit more edge and we see the that the world isn’t perfect. But what’s a little pain and suffering when your reward is getting a Prakenskii male. 🙂 These brothers are modern day alphas and warriors. Love them! I have all your books and they are Must Haves on release day! Sept. 2nd can’t get here quick enough so I ca read Dark Blood. Thank you so much for the BTD webisodes.

  29. Mary Hughes says:

    How beautiful and magical you make the northern California coast sound! As beautiful and magical as your stories. Thank you so much for the gift of your writing.

  30. I absolutely loved the Drake sisters stories. I Love the Sisters of the heart as I hoped Christine would continue with the Prakenskii brothers. Though I do feel that the Sisters of the Heart are kind of short and hurried. Still wonderful though and I can’t wait to read the next one as I’m eager to find out if it is Maxim or the other brother that will be part of the story. I am really eager to see who they all end up with. Though I’m sure I already think I know who’s Blythe’s mate. Going to be interesting to find read Lexi’s story I believe will be next. 😀
    Caitlin Kraska`s last blog was …Untitled for the moment

  31. Carol C says:

    I NEVER blog – this is my first response to one. But for Christine Feehan, I am game! After visiting the woods, the redwood area, the ocean, and the shops, Sea Haven is very real to me, as are the characters – especially the Drake Sisters, since I am Aunt Carol to them … I am thoroughly enjoying the Sisters of the Heart series as well and find them to be a continuing of the Drake series. Christine, your characters as well as your settings are very real to me, and the woods you speak of are like the ones I live in here at my home – VERY peaceful and relaxing as well as inspiring. My hopes are that you keep on keepin’ on and we have many more stories to enjoy from you in the future!

  32. Christine F. says:

    Thank you to everyone who took the time to post a comment!

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