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Poison-Promise200I’m going through changes in my reading and my writing. I used to binge read in categories. After a while, they all started to feel the same, so I have to switch off what I read. Lately, I’ve discovered Robyn Carr‘s Thunder Point and Virgin River series. These are complex, well-written books, and make me care for the fully-fleshed main characters – and the secondary characters. They’re longish books that involve a whole town and many people.

Jennifer Estep does that in all her books, too, though she writes paranormal, YA paranormal, and urban fantasy. And I wouldn’t say hers are longish; they’re just right. 🙂 In Dale Mayer‘s Psychic Vision books, she often brings in characters from other books in the series, too. She’s building a community in her books. So does Mary Hughes in her punk rock musician Nixie books (with a new release out now, Murder at Chipmunk Lake) and Michelle Diener in her three series.

FindingAwesome200x300My contemporary romances are set in a community, and it makes me a little crazy to remember characters from previous books. Right now, I’m writing a Halloween novella for a box set that will be published in early October. The hero is from a Rescued Hearts book, and the heroine is from a Miracle Interrupted books. Before I could start writing, I had to go back and read to find out the ages of everyone and calculate how old they’d be now. And since one character was pregnant in Finding Awesome, I had to figure out if she had the baby or not. (She did. 🙂 )

Nixie's lost her mojo!

Nixie’s lost her mojo!

I’m finding I like novellas a lot, as a writer and a reader. If they’re fully fleshed out and don’t feel rushed, they can be a satisfying and fast read. I’m so busy that it’s often pleasing to read a story in one night. But sometimes I’m hungry for the complicated, bigger books.

It’s really a lot like food. I don’t want to eat the same food all of the time. I like a variety and I wish I had more time to experiment in my cooking. Yet we usually have pizza once a week. And that’s good, too.

What about you? Do you like a variety or do you tend to read one genre and one size?

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  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Edie,

    Variety, definitely! Sometimes I have a long weekend with the time to indulge in a long, complex book. But most days I have only five minutes here and there. A short read is perfect. You said it, though, right on the money–it still needs to be a complete story, yet not feel rushed. I”m looking forward to reading your Halloween story!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I appreciate it. 😎

    My reading time has been really limited lately, so I’ve been reading some graphic novels. That way, I can read something for fun and still get a complete story with a relatively short time commitment.
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    • Edie Ramer says:

      Jennifer, my pleasure! And graphic novels would be the perfect read for the super busy days! I should check to see if they have them out for books other than paranormal or UF or sci fi. Maybe something with cute dogs and cats. lol

  3. I love variety! And like you, I really enjoy a well-written novella, for just the reason you give, too. I don’t always have a lot of time to read, and its satisfying to read the whole story in an evening. I’m looking forward to your anthology story!
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  4. Hi Edie! I like variety, too, and am enjoying novellas at the moment as I don’t have a lot of reading time. Best wishes finishing your Halloween story! Happy writing!
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