Covers, Covers, Covers (with giveaway)

Breaking Out 300UPDATE: I used to pick a winner, and JENNA OH, you are it! I will email you for your details.

I have a LOT of new covers at the moment. It is so much fun seeing them all come through, and each one is for a very different type of book.

The first one that was finalized I’ve sort of kept quiet about, so this is an exclusive reveal *g*. Over two years ago, Edie and Misty put together a short story anthology called Entangled. All the proceeds from the sale of Entangled went to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, and we raised around $16,000.00 for the cause, which still makes me very proud. My contribution to the anthology, Breaking Out, hasn’t been published anywhere else, and I have tried, when I’ve had time, to work on a sequel to it, although my darn deadlines keep getting in the way, LOL. Anyway, readers will soon be able to buy Breaking Out again in a new anthology coming up in October, finalized title to be confirmed. Having it out there again was the impetuous I needed to have a cover designed for it, so I can sell it on its own, as well. The cover designer I hired was Tatiana Villa at Vila Design, and she did such a great job of creating the dark atmosphere of Breaking Out with the touch of romance that’s in it.

Here is the quick blurb for my story: BREAKING OUT by Michelle Diener – Imprisoned in a secret facility, powerful telekinetic Kelli Barrack and two other ‘special’ inmates grab a chance to escape, only to confront their worst nightmares on the outside.

You can read a short excerpt of BREAKING OUT here.


silver pear 300My next cover is for a new book – the sequel to The Golden Apple, entitled The Silver Pear. It’s the second and final book in The Dark Forest series, and I have really loved delving deep into fairy tales to bring the world my characters live in to life. The designer who create The Golden Apple cover, Laura Morrigan, also did The Silver Pear, and I think we managed to get a fresh look but one that was linked to The Golden Apple, as well, so you can see they’re part of a series. There is something so magical about it, and it really pops for me. It has to be one of my favorite covers. The Silver Pear should be out in October. Here is the blurb:

An unlikely princess . . .

Kayla is determined to master her new-found abilities as a wild magic witch. She’s learning everything she can so she and her betrothed, Rane, can put a stop to the sorcerers who are recklessly gathering their power, building up their magic to take each other on in a war that will destroy the countries of Middleland.

An even more unlikely sorcerer . . .

Mirabelle’s father was one of the greatest sorcerers in Middleland, but when he used the magic in the silver pear to bespell his pregnant wife to give birth to the greatest sorcerer who would ever live, he never thought that child would be a girl. Mirabelle is nothing like a usual sorcerer, confounding every expectation, and when she comes to the rescue of Rane’s brother, Soren, she makes a decision few sorcerers would. She saves him, rather than herself, losing the silver pear in the process.

And using magic always exacts a price . . .

With war not just a possibility but simply a matter of time, there are no neutral parties and no fence-sitters in Kayla and Mirabelle’s new world. Everyone is either an ally or an enemy and there is a price to pay for everything. The question is, how high will it be?


DOTS 300And finally, I’ve commission a new cover for my historical novel, Daughter of the Sky. This book doesn’t fit easily into any slot, being set in Victorian times, but in Zululand, on the east coast of South Africa. It has a romance, but that romance takes place in an army column on the march toward war. It also follows the real history of the events mentioned very closely, so there is an element of realism that pervades the book. Designing a cover for this book has been so hard. The original designer and I spent hours on it when I originally published the novel, a year ago, and while we came up with something that looked great, I knew we were missing something. Anyway, after many months, I had a better idea of what I thought would work, and EJR Design took the job on, and did an awesome job coming up with a really powerful cover that conveys the complexities of this book so well.

About Daughter of the Sky:

The Victorian Empire has declared war on the Zulus if they don’t accede to their outrageous demands. The clock is ticking down to the appointed hour. With no idea why the British are marching three columns of men and guns towards them, one Zulu general is prepared to take an impossible risk. But the life he’s gambling with isn’t his own . . .

The sole survivor of a shipwreck off the Zululand coast, 15 year-old Elizabeth Jones is taken in by the Zulus, the people of the sky. Six years later, her white skin becomes useful to the Zulu army as they try to work out why the Victorian Empire has declared war on the Zulu nation. Elizabeth is suddenly Zululand’s most important spy.

While infiltrating the British camp, Elizabeth’s disguise as a young soldier is uncovered almost immediately by Captain Jack Burdell. However, he believes her tale of searching for a missing brother and shields her from discovery, allowing her to bunk in his tent and giving her a job as his batman. Burdell is war-weary and disillusioned – no longer willing to follow regulations at all costs.

But as Elizabeth and Jack explore their growing attraction to each other, the two armies move towards their inevitable clash. Elizabeth is torn between the guilt of betrayal and her fierce loyalty to her Zulu family, and when Zulu and British meet on the battlefield, both she and Jack find their hearts and their lives caught in the crossfire.

So what about you? How important are covers to you (they are REALLY important to me!) and which one of my new covers do you like the best? All commenters go in the draw to win one of each book when its released!

About Michelle Diener

Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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17 Responses to Covers, Covers, Covers (with giveaway)

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, I love all three covers. And stories! It’s hard to pick one cover, because your books are so different, and I can see how each cover fits each book. Elle did a wonderful job on Daughter of the Sky. There is movement to the cover, and so many elements that are in the book. I think this cover tells a story. And I love the incandescence in The Silver Pear. That draws my eye right away. While the cover for Breaking Out is brilliant. Great jobs all around!

  2. blodeuedd says:

    I like the new Daughter cover 🙂
    I will go share the pear one and omg, no idea about the first one
    blodeuedd`s last blog was …Longbourn – Jo Baker

  3. Amy R says:

    Holy cow, Michelle! Fantastic news and congratulations! So excited about Breaking Out! I was hoping you were going to do something with that one since I read it in the Entangled Anthology. Congrats on the other stories as well! I can’t wait to read them. You guys here at MM are pumping out books so quickly, which is great as it makes our TBR piles grow! I can’t keep up!

  4. I love all three, Michelle! They’re gorgeous and while so different, there’s something about them – I think it might be the richness and tone – that connects them all to you. Congratulations!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Keeping Mr. Right Now Giveaway!

  5. Mary Hughes says:

    What gorgeous covers, Michelle! Each evokes a different kind of story, but each is exciting. I’m especially intrigued by Daughter of the Sky. Not my usual kind of story but the cover captured me and the blurb drew me in. Congratulations on all your releases!

    • Thanks, Mary. Daughter of the Sky has a really special place in my heart, as I grew up in KwaZulu-Natal and really loved weaving a historical novel in the places I’ve been to many times. 🙂

  6. donnas says:

    They matter, but they are not the most important thing. The story is, but if its a horrible cover I will think twice about even seeing whats its about.

    They all look great, but I really like Breaking Out.

    • Thanks, donnas. I agree the writing is the most important thing, the story itself, but like you, if the cover is bad, I rarely bother checking the story out.

      And thanks for the cover compliments!

  7. Barbara Elness says:

    Although they’re all wonderful, I like The Silver Pear the most. I love the colors and the lighting.

  8. Jenna Oh says:

    Daughter of the Sky cover looks amazing!

  9. Nicole Laverdure says:

    Hi Michelle, I love your three new covers especially Breaking Out!
    Wonderful cover for Daughter of the Sky! Congratulations! Keep on offering us your beautiful stories!

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