Do you pre-order?

Happy Friday! Hope you have had a great week and had the opportunity to read lots of books! It looks like the Magical Musings authors have a lot of books that either recently released or will be released soon. They are writing them quicker than I can read them! Always a good problem to have as a reader. 🙂

Speaking of new releases, do you pre-order your books? It is my understanding that people used to pre-order so they did not have to worry about a print book running out of stock.  Now that the world is going digital, is there a point to pre-ordering? This question has come up a few times lately.


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First, I have a Nook and I also read using the Kindle App. Recently there was a book I saw come up for pre-order that I knew I wanted to read but couldn’t on release day, so I pre-ordered it, as I didn’t want to forget to grab it and support that author. On release day not only did the book show up on my Kindle app, but it also showed up on my Nook. Seems I pre-ordered it twice. Oops. Since then, I have not pre-ordered any books.

Now, indie authors have the option to offer their books for pre-order on Amazon, whereas that was not the case before. This is very tempting since a lot of my fave authors publish indie, too.

Should I pre-order or wait until release day? Do you pre-order? What are the benefits to pre-ordering? Authors, tell us why you want readers to pre-order your book. Does it help you hit any lists?

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  1. Great topic, Amy! I do pre-order books by friends I know are coming up, because otherwise I might forget, but to be honest, with digital books being forever, you can always go back later and order. As you say, there are no stock issues.

    My understanding with how pre-orders work is that a pre-order is counted as a sale for the author, so if the pre-orders are strong, they help propel the title up the lists before it’s released, which gives it some visibility, but those pre-orders do not count as a sale on the day the book is released, as they’ve already been counted, so an author wanting to hit a list the week their book goes on sale will probably hope most people buy the book the day it comes out or a few days later, not ahead of time on pre-order, as that will give them the sale surge to a hit a list.

    If I’m wrong about that, someone please feel free to correct me!
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  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Amy,

    What a great topic! I’ll preorder autobuys, and the print books I share with my husband (because many folks forget to check the lending box when they publish in eformat) but mostly I buy as I go. Michelle’s explanation is also my understanding of how the presales are counted. 🙂

    • Amy Remus says:

      Thanks, Mary! I don’t buy a lot of print books these days, mainly because like to read on my phone. I never know when I will be stuck waiting somewhere and I hate not having a book! So, I go to my Kindle or Nook App. 🙂
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  3. ki pha says:

    LOL Amy, it seems that’s always the case when you use so many devices to read ebooks. I only have the Kindle app so I’m good. Although I do forget about books I ordered already in print and then buy them again when I’m at the store.

    But yes I do pre-order but they have to be books I know I’ll definitely want in either ebook form or in print. Like if an ebook will or will not be in print form is also a matter of me pre-ordering. If I can get it in print then I’ll wait for the print instead of ordering the ebook. But if it’s only available as an ebook then I have a lot of decisions to make.

    But of course I also hhave to have time to read them so that’s also a matter of if I should pre-order. Of course some authors are automatic buys so those are out of the question.

  4. I do keep track of upcoming books that I’m interested in, but I don’t usually pre-order books. If I’m really looking forward to a book, then I’ll go to the bookstore release week to get it. Of course, if the bookstore doesn’t have it, then I might download the e-book or order the print book online and then wait impatiently for it to arrive. LOL.
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    • Amy Remus says:

      Hi Jennifer! I usually keep track of books on Goodreads that I want to read, but haven’t updated it lately (mainly because there are so many I want to read), so I also started using my Amazon wishlist when I see a link on FB or something for a book.
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  5. Edie Ramer says:

    Before this, I haven’t pre-ordered, but I might do it for favorite authors in the future. (I almost missed a Mary Balogh book that was out since July! I got it two days ago from the library after I happened to see it on the New Book shelf.)

    I think Michelle is right on how the pre-book sales count on Amazon. For other online bookstores, the pre-sales count on the publication date.

    • Amy Remus says:

      See, Edie? I have missed books too! With so much social media stuff I don’t always see when authors have books coming out. I used to be able to go to each authors website, but I just can’t keep up anymore! So, I will every once in awhile check out an Author’s Goodreads profile to see if there are any books I missed. It is lovely when your favorite authors keep writing books you love and you have tons to choose from!
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  6. I have a couple of auto buy authors/series who I preorder, mostly to make sure I don’t forget. I also preorder friends’ books who I want to support. I do all through my kindle and I appreciate that amazon tells me if I’ve already purchased! Which happens a lot….

    As an author I don’t typically worry about it for my own books., except that, for THE TEARS OF THE ROSE, I’ve been told pre-orders are really important in deciding whether I can do three more books in the series after book 3 comes out. But that’s all about paper distribution and the publisher gauging reader interest/commitment to the series via pre-order numbers.

    • Amy Remus says:

      Hi Jeffe – this all started from your book Going Under! Ha. I am mainly buying on Amazon now, so I shouldn’t have that problem in the future, but was also using the rest of a gift card for B&N so that is what got me. That is interesting about your Teas of the Rose book and pre-orders. I like to know how I can best help authors out so this is great information!
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  7. As a reader, I’m guilty of a one-click addition which will include a favorite author’s pre-orders if it’s a book I really want. It is usually the e-book version since I very seldom purchase paperbacks anymore.

    As authors, Chris and I are still undecided if we’ll take advantage of the new option available to us.

    • Amy Remus says:

      Hi Cecilia – I do know you and your one-click addiction! I rarely purchase print books anymore because of space and I want to have access to my library with the touch of a button. Good luck with your and Chris’ decision regarding use of the pre-order option with your books.
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  8. Dale Mayer says:

    I rarely preorder! If it’s not there and ready I’ll come back later. Maybe as more and more books are available for preorder, I might change, but at the moment, I’m content to stay as is.


  9. Delene Yochum says:

    Hi Amy, great blog post. I had done a huge amount of pre-ordering before I had got my Kindle. I wanted that book in my hands release day! These days not so much unless of course a Sale is involved. I have authors I auto buy, I may pre-order them.

  10. ~B says:

    The only time I pre-order in digital, which is all I buy anymore, is when the author/publisher is doing a price promo for pre-orders. Otherwise I just wait until it’s available.

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