Do You Candy Crush? — Favorites #6 eGames

photo credit: sean dreilinger via photopin cc

photo credit: sean dreilinger via photopin cc

Let’s get to know each other!

In these first months as a Magical Musings blogger, I’m sharing my 10 favorite things and hope to hear about yours.

I’m more pinball generation than video game, but I have to admit, there’s something about playing computer games that appeals to me. I started out with role-playing adventure games like Quest For Glory and Baldur’s Gate, though lately it seems all I have time for is three minutes of Secret Society or Candy Crush.

I’m not sure why, but electronic games give me the same feelings as seeing a bristling Christmas tree loaded with shiny ornaments or a Halloween candy bag or a beautifully wrapped gift box.

Maybe it just comes down to art.

To me, there’s a sense of wonder and joy that playing the best games brings. It’s like reading a book where you get to control the story. Or like living in your very own movie. The improvement in graphics and sound quality has only increased the experience.

Even quick pattern-matching games like Candy Crush and Farmville, casual games meant to while away a few minutes in line or between appointments, make life sparkle a little more. What would we do while waiting otherwise? Something productive, maybe, but would being productive pop just a bit of joy into our lives?

When my children were growing up, we read books at bedtime, and my children still are readers as adults. Books are an important part of our lives. But we also played video games and I think it gave them an appreciation of and familiarity with modern electronics while still exercising their imaginations.

Maybe not. 🙂 But I just bought Baldur’s Gate for my tablet, and it still feels like Christmas trees and perfectly wrapped gifts.

What brings you a sense of wonder and joy?

My son recently pointed me at a site that has older games updated for current operating systems called GOG. Quest for Glory 1-5 is here.

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6 Responses to Do You Candy Crush? — Favorites #6 eGames

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Mary, I’m learning more about you all that time! 🙂

    Reading books does more for me than games, though I do a couple of word games every morning. I tell myself that I’m not goofing off, but that they’re brain exercises. lol

  2. I love learning more about you too, Mary! I’m not a game player at all – unless it’s on a board. 🙂 Those I love. But really whenever I’ve got a little free time, I’d much rather read than play a video or computer game.
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Baseball and the Beach

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Robin,

      Thanks for your kind words 🙂

      Oh, I love board games! We used to play them growing up, when the cousins got together.

      I agree reading is still the best. I like to fully immerse myself in the story, so for me, when I have to keep half an ear on the dentist calling my name, a casual egame fills the time. lol. But reading is a top pleasure.
      Mary Hughes`s last blog was …Flutist kissed by butterflies…

  3. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Mary – I’m the exact opposite. Can’t stand computer games and after fighting with 4 kids on every game and console out there – I REALLY can’t stand them. lol. Having said that it wasn’t too long ago that I whipped a lot of butts playing Mario Cart! Oh the trials of being a parent. lol.

    Give me a good book, a deck of cards, even a notepad and I’m a happy camper. 🙂
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …A sweet new deal!!! 99 cents for 10 Killer Romances!

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Hi Dale,

      I hear you! Kid/console fights are enough to drive any parent to distraction. lol. With mine it was one child taking another’s game…only to break it. Then both wanting a new one of whatever was the latest and greatest (and most expensive, natch). Fun times 🙂

      Mario Cart! I love racing games, mainly because I’m so bad at them it’s hilarious. Going the wrong direction on the track, forgetting which button is the gas, crashing into everything…I am seriously impressed with your ability!

      Books are wonderful, and cards when I can keep the deck intact. Sheepshead, anyone? As long as it’s fun and engaging 🙂
      Mary Hughes`s last blog was …Flutist kissed by butterflies…

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