Everything Old is New Again — Guest Lori Handeland plus Double Giveaway!

I’m a huge fan of Lori’s books, so I was thrilled when she agreed to be my guest. Lori is a NYTimes/USA Today bestseller/Multiple RITA winner. I’m celebrating her visit today with a giveaway–any two of Lori’s ebooks to one lucky commenter, through September 28, winners announced here September 29. PLUS Lori is holding her own giveaway! Check out the end of this post–Crescent Moon is part of Tall, Dark and Paranormal, 10 Thrilling Tales of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys for only $0.99! Please welcome Lori!

Thanks to everyone for commenting! Mary’s winner, picked by random.org number: Barbara M. Britton! Barbara, please email me at mary @ maryhughesbooks.com to claim your prize.

Readers may be wondering what’s up with books they’ve read being re-released with new covers (and in some cases new titles) all over the place.

It’s called reversion of rights and where once there wasn’t much for authors to do with a book when their rights reverted from the original publisher, there is now. We call them e-books and print on demand and self publishing.

I asked for the rights back to every one of my titles the instant they were available, long before there was anything to do with these reverted works. When my publisher asked what I planned to do with my reverted titles I said, “Anything I want.” And now I am.

When the rights to a book revert to the author, she needs to have a new cover designed since the cover design belongs to the publisher and the artwork/photo to the artist/photographer.

I am re-releasing the New Orleans trilogy of my Nightcreature Novels. Here are the original covers. At the time, this was the paranormal romance look. It is no longer.

Here are the covers I had done. Love them? I do.

As for titles, I usually keep the original titles because I want readers to know if they’ve read the book before, and that’s the easiest way. However, I did change the title on one of my reverted books. I titled my first contemporary series romance COACH MOM. It’s about a teacher and Little League coach being a mom and a teacher and finding romance, of course. Harlequin changed the title to MOTHER OF THE YEAR. I never much cared for that title, but the book sold well and I’ve learned over twenty years not to get attached to a title. But that’s another blog.

Family playing pranks on a couch.LoriHandeland_MotheroftheYear_800pxWhen the rights reverted to me, I released the book with several covers and the same title. Sales were meh.




One of my friends had retitled one of her category books and had great success. I figured I’d try it. I was going to go with COACH MOM, but my cover artist thought it should be something sexier. We went with this. She was right. Sales went way up.

I wrote in big letters on the blurb and in the file that the book had previously been published as MOTHER OF THE YEAR. That seemed to help.

Are you like me? Do you go into bookstores or surf online sites and look at covers? For me they’re artwork and I just adore comparing and contrasting. What are you favorite types? Clinch, guy only, heroine only, still lifes, landscapes? Where do you stand on the retitling question?

I’m giving away two e-book copies of OUT OF HER LEAGUE (MOTHER OF THE YEAR) to winners chosen at random from those posting today.  Thank you for having me!


Check out Lori’s latest! Crescent Moon is part of Tall, Dark and Paranormal, 10 Thrilling Tales of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys for only $0.99!

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25 Responses to Everything Old is New Again — Guest Lori Handeland plus Double Giveaway!

  1. I admit to loving the original Night Creature covers, they helped me discover the series way back in 2004, but who could complain about yummy abs on the new covers :mrgreen: . As for reissues, I don’t mind new covers/titles as long as they are clearly marked as such in the blurb and on the cover. Oh, and on Goodreads so that I can keep track of what I have.

    The new title and cover for Out of Her League is a big improvement over the original and should produce sales. Good luck.

  2. Heidi U says:

    I love cover art. Good cover art can definitely make me pick up a book (electronic or otherwise). I scan the new releases shelf every tuesday online and covers definitely catch my attention. But I won’t buy based on the cover. It gets me halfway to the purchase button though.

    I am torn on new titles. I read so much, that I forget and I have so many auto-buy that I have frequently bought the same book from an author without knowing it until I start reading.

    Love your new covers!!! 😛

  3. Vickie Smith says:

    I love the new cover art! When I am looking for a new book whether online or in store I typically browse the cover art till something grabs my attention, and then I will read the back or inside cover to see if it is actually something I think I would enjoy or whether or not I have already read it or not because I am constantly reading it is hard to keep track or all of the titles that I have ever read! That being said, as far as the re-titling goes to me it doesn’t make a big difference because of that fact! I own all of your Night-creature novels and have fell in love with each and every one of them! I am currently reading the copy of Tall, Dark, and Paranormal that you sent me to read and review I am about half through and am thoroughly enjoying it! Sorry it is taking me so long to finish it, and post the review!

  4. WendyK says:

    HI Lori! I loved the original covers as well, I remember devouring them when they first came out. Although the new covers are intriguing and hopefully will find you new to you readers. For the Mother of the Year book, how did I miss that one being reissued? Now I gotta find it. 🙂

    For your question, yes I love looking at covers. Often the cover is what makes me stop to learn or to out and out buy the book.(ebook as the case may be). I honestly love the old bodice ripper covers. They will always be my favorite covers. I’m not a big fan of the covers that have just a landscape or are what I call soft. I’m reading romance not women’s fiction, or literary so give me my hot man or look into their lives. Don’t give me a “safe” cover. But that’s me.

    WendyK`s last blog was …Guest post with giveaway… SAMANTHA GRACE~ IN BED WITH A ROGUE…

  5. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Nightcreature books was the first books I read for you. I really really enjoyed them. And when I went into Borders (before they closed) I knew which books were yours because of the covers. I remember getting stoked finding a new one.

    I even have a waaaay older title of yours that I got lucky to find at a flea market.

  6. I’m a big Lori Handeland fan. Thanks for featuring her Mary!

    I love the “Tall, Dark and Paranormal” series name. That alone made me want to buy it. I have a feeling I will be up late reading for quite a few nights to come. So, er, thanks.
    Kristin Bayer`s last blog was …Snack on a Stick

  7. Hi Lori,

    Your new covers are fantastic! Quite eye catching. I think designing your own cover would be a lot of fun. Styles change all the time and so do book covers.

  8. Hi Mary and Lori! Um, yes! I love your new covers and have maybe been staring at them for the past few minutes. Thanks for being here today and congrats on Tall, Dark and Paranormal!
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Baseball and the Beach

  9. Michelle McDonald says:

    Loved Tall, Dark and Paranormal! What a great bunch of stories! Of course, being a huge fan, I have already read all The Night Creature Novels. : )
    I enjoy all the “yummy” covers, but I have to confess, my husband has them all beat! ; )
    Great to see you again, Lori…the Tall, Dark and Handsome Facebook party was fun! (I’m Rose Maria there).

  10. SHELLEY S says:


  11. Welcome, Lori! I love cover art. I really could spend hours looking at it, and for my self-pubbed work, I take a lot of time searching stock image sites so I have something really solid to give the designer. I have spent (or waster, depending on your point of view) hours doing that 🙂

    Congratulations on all your new re-issues and their covers!

  12. Mary Hughes says:

    Lori, thanks so much for being my guest! I enjoyed spotting the differences between then-covers and now-covers. Some are big (heh), and some are small but important, like the Nightcreatures emblem. Your visit has been a blast!
    Mary Hughes`s last blog was …3T Writing Tidbit

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