Where do you find Inspiration?

It’s my turn to blog for all you fabulous readers today and I’ve got nothing for you. I have searched high and low for a topic that you all might be interested in but nothing is turning up. That leads me to wonder – is this what writers feel like when they know they have to work on a manuscript but nothing is working? No words. No inspiration. Nothing.

(Source: http://quoteinspirational.tumblr.com/post/68299229098)

(Source: quoteinspirational.tumblr.com)

So, I’m going to make this short and turn it over to you guys. For the writers out there, what do you do when you are having a tough time getting the words in? Where do you find your inspiration? What about the bloggers out there? Where do you find inspiration when needing to find a blog topic?

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8 Responses to Where do you find Inspiration?

  1. Hi Amy 🙂 When I’ve hit a wall I go for a walk, do the shopping I have to do, or do some other non-writing related work I need to do. Just take a break. And then I find a new place to work, sometimes, like going outside and sitting in the garden, or going to a coffee shop. I also read outside of the genre I’m writing in, and try new movies.

    I really hate it when that happens though. 🙂

  2. My VERY LEAST favorite writing task is coming up with blog post topics. SO hard to think of anything new. I keep a list and consult that. Writing books is MUCH easier!

    Not that I feel strongly about this or anything…
    Jeffe Kennedy`s last blog was …E-Books and “Real” Reading

    • Amy R says:

      Jeffe – YOU have a strong feelings about something? No way! LOL. I find more authors have difficulties with blog posts and I just can’t figure that out. You guys are writers! So, it’s good to know you are human, too. 🙂

  3. ki pha says:

    As a blogger I start to talk about anything and everything when I can’t seem to find the right topic to talk about. Like how my day was and small little things that popped up that I found interesting or what not. It wouldn’t necessarily be a rant but it’ll be something that got me.

    But as a writer…don’t even get me started on that. I rant about it on my blog. When they’re gone, they are gone! But they do tend to pop up when something happens. Most especially when something that is related to their story or a character. It can be in the form of another story or something I saw. But really it’s tough.

    • Amy R says:

      Hi Ki – I sometimes start several blog posts and when none of them work out, I realize it’s because I don’t have enough substance for the post (like this one). However, I enjoy reading other people’s blogs about little things they find interesting or have an opinion about.

  4. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Amy,

    Great topic for a discussion! I try to imagine different ways a scene can go to get the juices flowing. Sometimes, if nothing is working, I’ll try “throwing in ninjas”, that is, come up with the most unlikely thing possible. That sometimes knocks things loose. Lol. Usually if things aren’t flowing it’s because I haven’t created characters with enough conflict.

    Blogs, I try to come up with a theme, like what is romance, or what makes an alpha hero. I’ve heard number posts are popular, like Top 5 Uses for Cheese 🙂

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