Fall is here!

Congratulations to Anita…you’re the winner of the $10 gift card! I’ve sent you an email. 🙂

Fall…what a lovely time of year. If only winter wasn’t just around the corner.

I’m trying to enjoy any day the temp reaches 55 or over. Where I live, that can be a challenge in October.

October is a special month for me. My hubby’s birthday is this month, I found out I was pregnant in October seventeen years ago (it wasn’t until mid-November that I learned it was with twins). I love Halloween – the candy, the costumes, the ever present hint of the supernatural. Apples to make pies and applesauce. Hot cider. Pumpkins and squash and Indian corn. Oh, my!


What do you love about October? The cool, crisp air? Pulling out warm sweaters? The leaves changing color? Digging into a good book? One lucky commenter will win a $10 gift card to Amazon or B&N (your choice!).

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USA Today Bestselling Author Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series, as well as urban fantasy and paranormal romance. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy theories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. When her muse lets her on the internet to play, she’s on Facebook and Twitter.
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20 Responses to Fall is here!

  1. Fall is my favorite time of year. Cool nights and warm days. Football. Pumpkin and cranberry food/desserts. Autumn leaves. So many great things to enjoy!
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  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Misty,

    I like the sense of magic around Halloween, as you said. Where we are, we also get the color burst of trees turning. Hot chocolate and soups almost make up for the chill in the air. Lol.

    • Misty Evans says:

      Mary, our trees are turning now and the leaves are lovely, although I wish the leaf fairy would come along and magically whisk them off my lawn once they fall…

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    I always loved Oct. It’s my birthday month, but I love the colors and the cooling air without it being too cold. And this is the beginning of pie season, too – pumpkin and apple. 🙂

    • Misty Evans says:

      Happy Birthday month, Edie!

      Any season is pie season in my house. LOL. But I do make extras in the fall. We go up to Gays Mills in Wisconsin every fall and bring home a lot of apples. Apple crisp, apple pie, and applesauce are nightly favorites.

  4. It’s nearing the end of spring, edging to summer for me, Misty. But my husband is in Chicago at the moment and when we skyped the other day said that looking out his hotel window onto an avenue of trees with colourful leaves was really beautiful.
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    • Misty Evans says:

      Waving to your hubby, Michelle!

      I wish we could go from fall back into spring and skip winter, so I sort of envy you with summer around the corner! Enjoy. 🙂

  5. Amy R says:

    Hi Misty! Well, one thing I love about October is celebrating my son’s birthday and just the shift in seasons. We switch to cozy times indoors – fires going in the fireplace, sports coming to an end (my kids play outdoor sports) and generally a slower time in terms of family activities. This is also the last month for me before I panic and realize everyone has their Christmas shopping done and I should probably start compiling lists for that dreaded task. 🙂
    Amy R`s last blog was …Spotlight: FIT TO BE TIED by Kelsey Browning & Nancy Naigle

    • Misty Evans says:

      I’m with you, Amy. I used to love the holidays and would collect Christmas gifts early, but now, I’m sort of a scrooge about the commercialism and leave gift buying to the last minute. I want to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving…and it’s getting harder and harder to do so because Christmas is crammed down our throats before we even get to the end of October!

    • Misty Evans says:

      Amy, we should do our shopping together! We could meet for lunch, make our lists and tackle the gift buying as a team. 🙂

  6. Happy October, Misty! I love this time of year too. I’m seriously addicted to pumpkin lattes at the moment. But I also love Halloween and the crispness in the air and wearing my Ugg boots again. I love soup, too! And don’t get me started on caramel and apples. 😉
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Color Me Pink

    • Misty Evans says:

      Robin, I’m addicted to pumpkin spice lattes. My husband, who is a coffee roaster, makes one for me every weekend. He has the pumpkin syrup and he tops it with lots of whip cream, just the way I like it. 🙂

  7. Anita H. says:

    I love the changing colors of the leaves. Everything looks so much more beautiful and walking around is like a magical feeling. And then you get to go home and warm up with a good latte!! :mrgreen:

  8. Ada says:

    I love that the weather is turning colder! That means winter is almost here!! I like the nippy weather, coming home to snuggle up with a good book in bed. Can’t beat that 😎

  9. Barbara Elness says:

    I’ve always lived in a warm climate (California and Florida), so the cooler air is always a relief, and fall is just my time of year. 😀 I was born the day after Halloween, so it’s always been my favorite holiday.

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