Holiday books (and more) are here

I was out doing some shopping with my mom back in September, and she pointed over to a display and said, “Look what’s out already.”

I looked over to where she was pointing and was greeted with … a display of Christmas trees.

Christmas trees in September? Seriously? Can’t we even wait for Halloween to be over with first? Or at least for the calendar to roll around to Oct. 1? Apparently not.

But Christmas trees aren’t the only holiday items that I’ve noticed in stores. The holiday books have already hit shelves too, especially in the romance aisle. Every year, in September and October, it seems like the covers on all the books in the bookstores and online suddenly change overnight. One day, the covers are full of beach and other summer scenes, and the next, they all feature snow, ribbons, and bows.

Christmas at TwilightThe covers are one of the things that I like most about holiday books. Snow, trees, ornaments, twinkling lights. They all make for some beautiful covers, and there is just something about those images that draws me in time and time again. Like the cover for Christmas at Twilight by Lori Wilde (out today). Isn’t that just a lovely cover? Doesn’t it make you want to curl up on the couch with a good book and some hot chocolate while the snow falls outside?

I’m a total sucker for a good cover, and despite my towering TBR pile, I always find myself buying a holiday book or two every year, even if it’s still October. And I get totally addicted to TV channels like ABC Family and Hallmark Channel this time of year, given all the holiday romantic comedies that they show.

The holiday books (and more) are already here, so I will enjoy them while they last.

What about you guys? Do you read holiday books? If so, when? Just during the holidays or at any time of year?

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12 Responses to Holiday books (and more) are here

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I do love the beautiful holiday covers. I usually read an Xmas book around this time of the year. The sales of Christmas at Angel Lake are up this month, even though it’s in a box set, too. I had planned on writing another Xmas book this year, but between the novellas I had to write for two box sets, and my vacation, I didn’t get around to him. Next year, I want to write 2 Xmas books to make up for it! 🙂

  2. blodeuedd says:

    I do like reading xmas books but please, not in September, after Halloween, after Halloween.
    blodeuedd`s last blog was …The Silver Bough – Lisa Tuttle

  3. Hi Jennifer! Holiday covers really are great – they put you right in the mood! I’ll read a holiday story any time of year, but I do like to read them best in December. It makes reading the book a little more fun.
    Robin Bielman`s last blog was …Get Wicked with Entangled Blog Hop!

  4. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I do love the pretty covers 🙂 A little bit of holiday cheer puts me in the mood. Too much is an overload, but I guess that threshold is different for everyone. I get a special resonance reading books set in the same month I’m experiencing, but I’ll read anything any time.

  5. I love holiday reads. Especially as I live in a hot climate over the Christmas holidays, so reading about snowy cabins and winter wonderlands is fun and different for me 🙂

  6. Misty Evans says:

    I like holiday novellas in December. They put me in the mood but don’t require a huge commitment when I’m already strapped for time. I was looking at a few holiday novellas today and picking out ones to read once the snow falls here!

    I’m totally addicted to ABC Family from October 1st through January 1st, and I love, love, love Hallmark’s holiday movies. I take a lot of grief from my kids about watching them, but every once in awhile, they get sucked in too!

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