My Love For December… Not

I hope you don’t think this makes me a Scrooge, because I’m really not. I love giving gifts during the holidays. I love baking my family’s favorite cookies. I enjoy the cooler weather and snuggling under a blanket to read a book. I love all the decorations and meeting friends for a coffee and chat.

But… it’s also the last month of the year and well, I always feel a little weird about one year ending and the next one beginning. The passage of time is something I struggle with a bit. I think it’s the whole my kids are getting older and I’m not getting any younger thing. As with every year, there are highs and there are lows. This year, though, brought so many amazing blessings, that maybe that’s why I’m a little more wistful to see 2014 come to a close.

So let’s make a list. Here are the things I’ll remember most about 2014 and I’d love for you to share some of the highlights from your year in the comments!

  1. I celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary. It hasn’t always been easy, but there’s no one else in the world I want to be on life’s journey with. My hubby is the best man I know and I’m so lucky to have him.
  2. I got a new day job. It’s more hours than my old one, but I love it and love the people I work with.
  3. I had three books release!
  4. Kissing the Maid of Honor hit the USA Today Bestsellers List.
  5. Her Accidental Boyfriend was nominated for a RITA. And what made this even more special was two of my dearest friends were also nominated (in different categories) and sharing the conference and Awards Night with them was beyond wonderful.IMG_0965
  6. My older son, who’s graduating from college in June, accepted an amazing job offer that starts next summer, and he’s so, so happy. Being a mom has been the hardest thing I’ve done. I can’t tell you how many doubts and worries I’ve had. Am I saying the right thing? Doing the right thing? I’m feeling really good about all that right now. LOL My hubby and I couldn’t be prouder. One son down, one to go!
  7. Last Friday I made my first jump. Out of an airplane! It was awesome!!! I skydived with my mom for her birthday and we had the best day ever. She rocked it like a woman half her age! I loved it so much I’m definitely going to do it again. (Mom says once is enough.)
  8. I got to spend time with readers and writers – both online and off, be there for milestones in my non-writer friends’ lives, and spend time with family from near and far. I’m so grateful to all of you for making my days brighter.

Have a wonderful rest of the year! Happy Holidays and… th-1

See you in 2015!

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13 Responses to My Love For December… Not

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Robin,

    Congratulations on so many levels. Wonderful milestones but also your words are beautiful ways of recognizing them. Warm wishes too for many more!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Robin, you had an awesome year! Congrats on all of the wonderful accomplishments. And that’s a gorgeous picture of you!

  3. Sounds like you had a great year. 😎

    I enjoy the holidays too, but it’s such a busy time of year. It can get a little stressful trying to do everything that needs to get done.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …When Darkness Falls calendar and holiday gift guide …

    • Hi Jennifer! Yep, I hear you on the stressful. At the moment, I’m worried I’m *not* going to get everything done. Happy holidays! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you better this year.
      Robin Bielman`s last blog was …I DID IT!

  4. Paula Altenburg says:

    Robin, I love hearing about all the things you’ve been up to. You always have so much fun!

  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Wow Robin! Love that airplane jump!! I’d like to do something like that. My mother – never in a million years. lol.

    Congrats on closing a lovely successful year!
    Dale Mayer`s last blog was …Broken Protocols 3.5 – A Christmas story!

  6. Robin, what an amazing year! Congratulations on all the great things that happened, and may 2015 be just as amazing.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Winter Booklovers Contest

  7. elena k says:

    I think you had a great year and I am sure you will have a better one next year. happy holidays!

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