Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards

The holidays are just a memory now, but one thing remains behind for many of us — all those gift cards we got for Christmas.

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, restaurants and retailers galore. You can get a gift card to pretty much any store these days. Over the holidays, I gave out several gift cards to friends and family and got several in return.

Some folks go out and use their cards immediately in the days after Christmas, while others wait a bit longer. Me? I tend to do a little bit of both. I usually use up the restaurant gift cards right after Christmas, just because I don’t feel like cooking after all the holiday dishes I’ve made. With other gift cards, I will wait a bit longer.

But my favorite gift cards are to places where I can buy books.

DefyWhy? Because I can buy anything that I want to with a gift card. A new book by a favorite author. A book by an author that I haven’t read before. A cupcake or cheesecake or some other dessert. To me, a bookstore gift card is just the perfect little treat.

Not only that, but I also like trying to get the most that I can out of gift cards. It’s almost like a little game that I play with myself. How can I use coupons, discounts, and special promotions to get the most bang for my gift card money? I love me some coupons, especially to bookstores. LOL.

This year, I used my bookstore gift cards to buy several books, including Defy by Sara B. Larson, which had been on my wish list for a while. And I got a chocolate cupcake too. šŸ˜Ž

What about you guys? Do you like gift cards? What books did you buy with your holiday gift cards?

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12 Responses to Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Jennifer,

    What a fun post! I like the idea of using the restaurant cards to take a break from cooking.

    I love getting gift cards because then I can buy the things I’ve wanted but couldn’t justify. Last year I got BN cards and we got Butcher and Stross in hardcover…normally we wait for paperbacks. This year we got checks, so the cash went for gas and parking. Lol.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Jennifer, gift cards are always fun, and they’re the best thing for book lovers that I’ve found. I don’t live near a BN, but we have them in the two neighboring counties, and when I go there, I plan on taking my GC with me.

  3. Hi Jennifer! I love getting gift cards! šŸ˜€
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  4. blodeuedd says:

    I bought a book, and did not like it :/
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  5. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Jennifer!

    I give out gift cards a lot! Rarely get any back. lol. I’d love to have restaurant ones. šŸ™‚

  6. I think giftcards are great when you can’t think of what to buy someone. My kids get lots of Apple GCs which they use to buy music and movies at the iStore. I don’t get nearly as many as they do šŸ™‚

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