Are you on Goodreads?  I personally love it.

The main thing I use it for is for keeping track of the books I read and reviews for those books. I used to enter a lot of giveaways, but haven’t lately.  Back before I had a long TBR list I would scout all the lists and use the recommendations options to find new books. Great features!

Recently, I learned of a new feature on Goodreads in the last couple of weeks. Well, it’s new to me at least. When you have a book on your to-read list and that book is offered as a giveaway, you are notified. How cool is that? So, while I try to keep my to-read list updated I wasn’t always good at it, but I can tell you I will be updating it more frequently now knowing about that giveaway feature. I think that is a great feature for authors too. It gives readers more incentive to add a book to their lists and that will in general increase exposure of an author’s books.

So, now it’s your turn – as a reader or an author, what is your favorite feature of Goodreads?

And if you want to be friends on Goodreads, my profile is here.

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  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Amy,

    That’s really cool information about the giveaway notifications! I didn’t know that. I like how easy it is to do a giveaway with Goodreads. It picks and presents you with your winners, complete with shipping address.

  3. I didn’t know about the giveaway notifications either. I’ll have to check into that. I like Goodreads, but I don’t use it as much as I should. I spend more time on Facebook and Twitter.
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  4. Edie Ramer says:

    Amy, I don’t use Goodreads as much as I should, either. I should do more. I think there should be a tutorial for authors on how they could use Goodreads. (In case you need an idea for your next blog… lol)

  5. Amy R says:

    Hi all – I have learned that authors don’t use it as much as readers. I wonder if it is because they think it is a reader-only site and that readers don’t want authors there? I want authors there!

    Edie – there are some great author specific things. I’ll pull up what I have found and will send them to you this week. There is also an author newsletter I know that goes out and lots of great new features for authors. Maybe I will see what I can do about a future blog post with that information.
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  6. Janice Hougland says:

    I, too, like the new feature where Goodreads notifies you of a book on your TBR shelf when it comes up for a giveaway. Very nice indeed. I like the whole setup of “fanning” an author and the ease with which I can leave a review. And just the other day I got an e-mail from Goodreads asking if I wanted an ARC copy of a book in exchange for an honest review. I had already bought the book and told them so, but I’m reading it now so I can leave a review. Goodreads just operates very efficiently and professionally. I like it very much. Thanks for the post!

  7. I love Goodreads just for the fact that it lets me keep track of the books I read and then there’s the whole reading goal for the year thing. =o)

    I friended you. Hey, I’m a librarian, too. Another cool function of GR is it let’s average people become librarians and then we can add books, which is totally cool for me. I’ve help a lot of self-published friends that way, and now I’m helping myself.
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  8. I used to be more involved on Goodreads but I have kind of pulled back. I use it as a reader, and that’s probably the best way to use it, whether you’re a reader or a writer.

    I didn’t know about the notification of giveaways, and I think that’s an awesome new feature. I get the author newsletter, and I participate in the Ask an Author questions. I also belong to a few groups but I’m not that active on them.

    I’d love to get a sense from you, Amy, how you’d like writers to participate more. I’d love to do more there, but at my readers’ request, not unsolicited by me.

  9. I could just cut and paste Michelle’s comment right here. 😉
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  10. Amy R says:

    I think the biggest thing as a reader I like from an author is a comprehensive list of their books. Because a lot of authors are active on Facebook and have their own groups there, I can see why there isn’t a need to have groups on GR as well. I do like the ask the author question options. It might be cool if each author had a group to discuss books – not specific to the book, but specific to the author. I like it when authors link their blogs, too, as they show up in my feed. I also like seeing what authors are reading as that’s fun!
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