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KathleenIrenePaterka-LowResColor-214x300On Facebook lately, I’ve seen memes where we’re asked to describe ourselves with one word. If I could use one word to describe Kathleen Irene Paterka, it’s sparkling. But we all have sad times, and Kathleen, who was scheduled to be our guest blogger today, is going through one right now. She asked me to reschedule her later. I’d love to have her as a guest another time, but Dale Mayer suggested I do a spotlight on Kathleen, and I jumped on that idea.

I’ve been lucky to have met Kathleen in person, and she has a personality that draws people to her. She writes women’s fiction, and her newly released book, THE OTHER WIFE, is gathering great reviews.

FattyPatty_150pxThinking of Kathleen’s books, I realized there’s another word that would describe her: brave. The topics she’s picked! FATTY PATTY is about a woman who lost a lot of weight, and now the perfect man has fallen in love with her. But guess what? He’s a chubby, and she has trouble accepting that. (There’s much more to it, but that’s the brave part. How many authors write about topics like that?)

HomeFires_150pxHOME FIRES might be the closest to a traditional contemporary romance that Kathleen has written. The heroine, a corporate attorney, returns home to the James Bay resort community when her mother is going through a health crisis. On the way to the hospital, she meets a firefighter when her car crashes into his new truck. Again, there’s more to this book, including an arson investigation. As one Amazon reader said, “I laughed, I cried and I couldn’t put it down until the book was completed.

For_I_Have_Sinned_150pxMy favorite book of hers is FOR I HAVE SINNED. It’s about a Catholic priest and former alcoholic who’s having doubts about his faith in the church. I’m not Catholic, but she did this perfectly and hit all the right notes for me. Father Greg was so real. Flawed yet a man of depth and substance. I would love to read a sequel.

Kathleen has published other books that readers love, too, including her newest, THE OTHER WIFE, which is another brave choice. Here’s more about it:

TheOtherWife_150pxTill death do us part…

Eleanor Anderson has a beautiful home, a loving husband, a tranquil life. After thirty-eight years of marriage and her children now grown, she finally has time for herself. She’s not expecting any surprises; certainly not to wake up one morning and find her husband dead in bed beside her from a massive heart attack. It’s a devastating discovery… but not as much as the shock awaiting Eleanor when she learns the truth about her husband’s secret life. And then there’s the damaging document he signed before his death, which threatens to destroy her life.

Claire Anderson isn’t your average thirtysomething. A professor of psychology at a prestigious university, Claire has a successful career, a handsome husband, and two young children at home. But nothing in her background, including her academic accomplishments, prepares Claire for the horrendous reality of discovering that the life she’d led was all a lie… fostered by a husband who’d promised to love and cherish her forever.

Two women from two generations, bound together by denial, anger, and grief. How far will their misery and fear push them? Does compassion rule the day, or will a husband’s betrayal lead to a woman’s revenge?

What happens when each of these women comes face-to-face with the other wife?

Amazon | BN | iBooks

You can find out more about Kathleen and her books on her website, or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Have you read any books lately that are brave?

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  1. Darling Edie, what a surprise awaited me this morning when I woke up and read your lovely post. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in giving me a ‘spotlight’, and praise for my books. I am humbled and awed by your graciousness. I don’t feel too ‘sparkly’ or ‘brave’ right now. As you know, my mother died a few days ago, and her funeral was Wednesday. I am glad she is no longer in pain, but my heart is heavy, knowing that I can no longer pick up the phone and give her a call, or hear her voice, or feel the warmth of her arms around me, embracing me in a hug. I have suffered loss before, with the death of my father and my sister, and I know that the pain will lift as time passes… and when that time comes, I promise to show up at Magical Musings with a ‘sparkling post’ that is brave and funny. Until then, God bless you, dear Edie, and thank you again. ~ Kathleen
    Kathleen Irene Paterka`s last blog was …My Husband, the Book Thief

  2. Amy Knupp says:

    Really need to get The Other Wife…sounds so good! (And I agree, Kathleen is sparkly.)

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