Guest Blogger Maggie Kelley is here + a Giveaway!

I’m super happy to have my friend and debut author, Maggie Kelley here with us today! She’s taking over the blog with a  wonderful post on why she loves New York. And to celebrate her new release, she’s got a giveaway, too. Welcome, Maggie!


I <3 NYC. Yep, just like the famous 1977 ad campaign, I love the Big Apple. But it wasn’t love at first sight. Not by a longshot.

I made my first solo trip to the city as a clueless, teenaged actress auditioning for a spot in the BFA program at NYU. Coming from a bedroom community in Pennsylvania, let’s just say, Manhattan challenged my under-developed survival instincts. If I’d been wearing a sign that said, New in Town, From the Midwest, Take my Money, I couldn’t have been more of a mark. No surprise then that a few steps beyond the yellow cab that had dropped me on the corner of Broadway and Scared Shitless, I got schooled by one of NY’s native creatures, the three-card Monty con man. I lost eighty bucks in three blocks. Clearly, I was not ready for primetime.

Five years later, twenty-something and oh-so-much wiser, I made the rounds in Manhattan, auditioning for a role on soap opera, cruising Canal Street for trendy, down-and-dirty fashions and falling in love with my requisite actor-boyfriend. We enjoyed the view from the rooftop garden of his apartment until it the day it became painfully clear that he and I were over. When that finally dawned on me, I bought a pack of Camels and caught the fast train over to Boston.

NYC and I were finished. Forever. For good. That is…until years later when one of my besties decided to get married in Central Park and asked my husband and I to serve as witnesses. Just like that, NY and I were back on speaking terms.

The wedding was small and sweet. My friend had found a new-age officiant online who married them near a bridge in the park at dusk. Afterward, we toasted their marriage with celebratory glasses of champagne and way too many selfies and during the cab ride back to our hotel, as my first baby jostled around in my belly, I finally fell in love with New York.

My debut novel, Breaking the Bachelor, is set in the city and in one of my favorite scenes, the hero and heroine take a snowy, nighttime stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, something that’s definitely on my bucket list.

But what about you? Do you love NYC? What’s your favorite city in the world? Do you have a romantic moment on your life’s to do list? Leave a comment to let me know and you’ll be entered in a random drawing to win a $5 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card. Thank you so much for stopping by! And thanks as well to the wonderful Robin Bielman for inviting me to Magical Musings to share my love affair with NYC. (Robin here – the giveaway ends on Friday, April 3. I’ll post the winner’s name in the comments section on Saturday, the 4th.)

About Breaking the Bachelor

Cover BtBGoaded by her competition, matchmaker Jane Wright makes a very public
bet that she can find the “perfect” match for Manhattan’s hottest
confirmed bachelor—sexy-as-sin bartender Charlie Goodman. Unfortunately,
Charlie is also Jane’s ex-lover, a man she broke up with on a cocktail
napkin. With her company on the line, Jane has no choice but to convince
the man of her most impractical dreams to dive back into the dating pool.

Charlie doesn’t want to see Jane’s business fail. He just wants a little
revenge. Determined to prove to Jane that chemistry always beats
compatibility algorithms, he plans to drive her crazy with desire…then
walk away. And his plan is working. A little too well, actually. Because
even as Jane scrambles to calculate Charlie’s best match, the heat
building between combusts. But Charlie’s been so busy outsmarting Cupid
that he hasn’t noticed he’s the naughty cherub’s next target…

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About Maggie…

CAURWLY3After ten years of survival, aka working, in Hollywood, this former actress and current author of sexy contemporary romance is living happily-ever-after in Pittsburgh with her longtime sweetie, and their two punky kids. When not carpooling to birthday parties or testing her gourmet cooking skills by throwing a frozen pizza into the oven, Maggie daydreams about sneaking off to the Vegas or Napa, or even just the movies. A love of red wine, Italian food, and music round out her list of life’s greatest joys. Oh, and Tuesday night karaoke, totally underrated fun.

Find Maggie Here:   @kelley_maggie     Facebook      Website

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25 Responses to Guest Blogger Maggie Kelley is here + a Giveaway!

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Maggie,

    Welcome to Magical Musings! Love your story of tempestuous love for NYC. After nearly getting mugged, I came to love the city, too through Lindey’s 🙂 I love most of the places I’ve traveled, but a favorite was London at the turn of the century.

    Congratulations on your debut release! Breaking the Bachelor sounds wonderful!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Maggie, how fun to have lived in New York! Congratulations on your release. I’m going to check it out. It sounds like you have a lot of experiences to dig into for your writing career – from being an actress to a writer to a mom!

  3. I love that Brooklyn Bridge scene!!! And the pizza place. But then, I loved the whole book!!! It’s terrific–smooth, sexy, and fabulous. Congrats on a great debut, Maggie!

  4. elena k says:

    hi maggie! new york seems so far away from the place I live (greece) but it would be amazing if one day I could visit! I would love to visit paris or scotland to live many romantic moments with my boyfriend.

    p.s. hi beautiful robin! thanks for introducing a new author and a friend of yours 🙂

    • Maggie says:


      Ooohhhhh, Greece, I’d love to visit there. Maybe someday. **sigh**

      But you are right, Paris is tres romantique. I was there as a child (actually had to be evacuated from the Eiffel Tower, crazy as that sounds), but I’d LOVE to go back one day with my husband. Maybe we can swing by Greece and all go together 😉

      Thank you for commenting. I’m so happy to have a chance to visit and meet some of the people of Magical Musings. Robin is such a beautiful person, you are right! Maggie
      Maggie`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

      • Hi Maggie! Thank you so much for taking over the blog! Yesterday was a crazy day for me, but here I am now. (Edits are killing me!) Anyway, I’m dying to go to Greece one day, too. From Greece to Paris sounds perfect – all together even more so. <3 you my friend!!

    • Hi Elena! Smooches! And it’s my pleasure. Not only is Maggie a wonderful author, but she’s a wonderful person, too! I hope you get to Paris or Scotland one day! Paris is at the top of my travel list. *sigh* One day…

  5. Maggie says:

    Hi Mary,

    I had a chance to visit London, but chose to come home because I was homesick. 😥 What was I thinking, right? I’d love to see a show in the west end or Ralph Fiennes at the National (I love me some Ralph Fiennes 😉 )

    And I know what you mean about NYC…sometimes it takes a special place or moment to really get it! Thx so much for commenting. So appreciated. Maggie
    Maggie`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  6. Maggie says:

    Edie, I occasionally toy with the idea of writing about a down on her luck actress…maybe someday. I do love the idea of setting a story in Cali. As Robin can tell you, I am a bit California crazy. I loved living in LA, one of my favorite places in the entire world. But the best thing I’ve ever done is become a mom…kinda changes everything 🙂
    Thank you for your lovely comment and I so hope you enjoy Breaking the Bachelor. Maggie
    Maggie`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  7. Enjoyed your post so much. My aunt use to live in Manhattan and we spent many happy Thanksgivings there. Loved 5th Avenue decked out for Christmas and skating in Rockefeller Center. Lunch at the Four Seasons… not on my nickle! Best of luck with your debut novel.

    • Christy, I’d so LOVE to go and do all the ‘touristy’ stuff at Xmas…I’ve never been ice skating in Rockefeller Ctr (though I’ve been shopping there a lot! 🙂 I Bet your a not loved loving there! Thank you for stopping by today and adding your story to the mix! Maggie
      Maggie Kelley`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  8. Jane Lynne Daniels says:

    Love your story about NYC, Maggie! I’ve not yet been there, so it was fun to see it through your eyes. Congratulations on the book – it sounds like a wonderful story.

    • Thanks, Jane. NY is one my favorite cities in the world. I hope to take there at Christmas one of these years…cause I’d love to do all the touristy stuff…I’m a sucker for that! Appreciate you stopping by! Maggie

  9. Hi Maggie,
    Your time in NYC sounds as though it gave you a great deal to draw from in your writing. As a parent, the idea of sending my eighteen-year-old child off to that city is a terrifying one! I’m happy to hear you weren’t mugged! It’s the kind of place that makes you grow up fast in order to survive.

    Congratulations on your novel!


    • Hi Sheri,

      Thanks for stopping by and for your good luck wishes…I so appreciate it. My BFF from elementary school was a ballerina and she spent summers in NY studied dancing from the time we were around 12! Being 18 was an adventure, but 12! That’s only 4 years away for my eldest son and I can’t imagine it either. But for my friend, it as just living…not a bad way to live either 😉

      I hope your event this weekend was super-successful!

      Maggie Kelley`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  10. Linda says:

    I havn´t been in New York, yet, but can´t wait for my chance! Living in Sweden makes it a bit expensive, though, so it will have to wait.
    I´ve been to Amsterdam, at Spring, at it was a great trip! Can´t wait to return =)
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Easter!

    • Oh, Linda….I’d LOVE to go to Amsterdam, something very cool about that city! But I’m a real a traveler so every place is good. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. And Happy Easter to you, too! Maggie
      Maggie Kelley`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  11. Mary Platt says:

    Love to visit many different cities and explore what they have to offer. Will be in NYC for RWA National in July. Hope to get time to play tourist.

  12. Mary, I’m so jealous! I can’t make it to Nationals this year. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a successful conference. Say hello to the Empire State building for me! Thanks for stopping by today! Maggie
    Maggie Kelley`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  13. Samanthe says:

    Helloooow Maggie Kelley! I loved the NYC setting for Breaking the Bachelor! It took me back to the…ahem…mid-1990’s, when hubby & I arrived at our new home–a 400 sq.ft. NYU apartment–at 2:00 am on a Sat. morning. The city never sleeps, so we were not alone, but we were definitely not in Malibu anymore!

    We didn’t forfeit money to the 3 card Monty guys, (probably cuz we didn’t have any $), but the first stroll thru Wasington Square Park, when a guy passed by saying “Smoke? Smoke? Smoke?” my husband pulled out his Marlboro’s & offered him one. :}

    We learned. It was an educational & entertaining 3 years.

    • Maggie says:

      Ah, yes, the thrill of the 400 SQ ft. apt – exactly why we chose to go to LA! Well, one of the many reasons…

      LOL on Washington Square Park! But yeah, no. NYC is so much more sanitized now than it was in the, ahem, late eighties. The last time I went (was that 4 years ago?), there wasn’t a three-card, shell-game playing con man in sight. Struck me as kind of sad, in a way.

      Thank you for commenting, lovely! MK
      Maggie`s last blog was …Release Day #pinchme

  14. bn100 says:

    NYC’s nice; no fav city

  15. Happy Saturday and weekend! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to hang out with Maggie! The winner of her gift card giveaway is Jane Lynne Daniels. Congratulations, Jane!! Please email me at robinbielman AT gmail DOT com and I will hook you up with Maggie. 🙂

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