Guest author Jesi Lea Ryan

Welcome friend and fellow author of psychic books Jesi Lea Ryan!

Why this paranormal author is happy to be human…

When I tell people I write books about psychics, the first question they ask is whether I’m psychic. The answer is no, I’m about as psychic as a stump. And I’m perfectly fine being a plain ole human. Paranormal creatures have way too much drama and baggage for my taste. Don’t believe me? Here are five examples:

  1. Vampires are entirely too obsessed with food. Half their day is spent thinking about getting blood, and the other half concealing the fact that they’re drinking it instead of eating the dinner you cooked for them. The immortality might be cool for a while, but an eternity listening to people at parties do bad Bela Lugosi impressions? No thanks.
  2. Then we have werewolves. I’m not sure which is worse, turning furry when it’s that time of the month, or the constant doggie breath. Gag. Besides, I can’t keep track of the day of the week, much less the entire moon cycle. It would be just like me to start sprouting whiskers and claws while at a business function. Faux paw?
  3. And don’t get me started on fairies. If sociopaths look at you and say, “Dayum, she’s cold!” you have a problem. But then, I guess, if you are a fairy, you wouldn’t give a $#@! what people think. Fairies are not Disney creatures, they are supernatural a’holes. I might be half-heathen, but I like my morals and ethics. I also like being nice to people without the expectation of personal gain, a concept foreign to the fair folk.
  4. ..supernatural know-it-alls, but there are a lot of things I’d rather just not know about people. I suspect many inner thoughts are bitchy, dirty and negative. That’s why we have filters to prevent all that from spilling out of our mouths at inopportune times. Can you imagine having to wallow through the molasses of people’s minds every day? Ew. And forget about knowing the future. If I knew what was going to happen, I’d feel morally bound to do something about it. Too much pressure.
  5. Lastly, there are witches and mages. Okay, the ability to do magic would be cool. But the last thing I need is another excuse to be lazy. First, come up with spells to clean my house. Then maybe work something up to handle all the mundane tasks at my day job. Oh, and how about a spell to deal with spam email and social media garbage? Before you know it, I’d spend all day on the couch reading or playing Tetris on my phone. Would I enjoy that? Sure. But I reluctantly concede that it wouldn’t be good for me.

So there you have it. I like to read about paranormals all day long, but at the end of the day, I’m happy to go home to my normal, slightly boring, human life.

Just a little Nudge

Jesi's coverMarley Sexton never aspired to be a stripper. She even chose the stage name Misty Showers as a joke, thinking she’d make a few quick bucks and move on to greener pastures. Three years later, Marley’s still stripping. It’s the only job she can land that will put a dent in her mother’s mounting medical bills.

It’s also the only job where she feels justified parting fools from their money with a little talent she calls nudging.

As psychic powers go, nudging isn’t impressive. Marley can’t get people to do anything they’re not already inclined to do. Useful for making a seedy customer grab a larger bill from his wallet, but not strong enough to ditch a drug cartel that’s on her tail.

Marley is in over her head. She’s not big on trusting people, especially a strange man with a gun, a badge, and a story that doesn’t quite add up. JC Moreno figures out that Marley may have taken the nudge a little too far. But how? Whoever the guy actually works for, one thing’s for certain. He has a history with the cartel and an agenda of his own. Although the suspicion between Marley and JC runs both ways, maybe they can work together to both get what they want…if they don’t get killed in the process.

Just a Little Nudge is available at: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks.

About the author:

Jesi's photoJesi Lea Ryan grew up in the Mississippi River town of Dubuque, IA. She holds bachelor degrees in creative writing and literature and a master’s degree in business. She considers herself a well-rounded nerd who can spend hours on the internet researching things like British history, anthropology of ancient people, geography of random parts of the world, bad tattoos and the paranormal. She currently lives in Madison, WI with her husband and two exceptionally naughty kitties.

About Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer writes romantic suspense, with or without paranormal elements like TUESDAY'S CHILD (2011) and now young adult books in various genres like DANGEROUS DESIGNS (2011). Writing stabilizes her in a life gone wild! The other stabilizers? Cheesecake and her four cats! Of course, she's dreaming to think she'll get a piece cheesecake once her four kids find out she's been baking!
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4 Responses to Guest author Jesi Lea Ryan

  1. Dale Mayer says:

    Hi Jesi!!

    Thanks so much for being my guest today. it’s always nice to meet another author in love with psychic books!

    And I love that cover – it’s so hard to convey the psychic theme visually. Nice job! 🙂

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Welcome, Jesi! Love this post. So many truths, plus so many great lines. Faux paw?? The T-shirt practically designs itself! Definitely checking out Just a Little Nudge. Thanks!

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    Hi Jesi! What a fun post! Actually, I kind of like the idea of reading and writing all day. Let someone else clean for me. That’s my dream, anyway.

    Your book sounds fun, too. I’m definitely checking it out.

  4. Thank you so much for having me! I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, I’m thinking I need that Faux Paw t-shirt, too. 🙂


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