Guest Author Spotlight – Chris Rogers

Chris Rogers2Just recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Best Selling Mystery Author, Chris Rogers.

MMG: Welcome to Magical Musings, Chris.
CR: Thanks for having me, Maggie.

MMG: Where did you get the inspiration for your series/book?

CR: You know, inspiration can strike unexpectedly, but this time it came from my immediate surroundings. While writing my Dixie Flannigan suspense series, I took a job as administrative assistant in the audit department of a bank—a new world for me. My second suspense novel with Dixie lingered on an editor’s desk, the third was plotted, but it wasn’t yet selling. I believed in her—at that time no books about a woman bounty hunter had been published—and she had everything I wanted in a heroine. But as the manuscripts continued to languish, I began to doubt myself. Romance was still the big seller at that time, and cozy humorous mysteries were popular. I already knew I couldn’t write romance all that well, but why not try a softer side of mystery? So I decided to change my focus. A male protagonist, somewhat older than Dixie, with a small-town venue rather than Houston, and lots of quirky characters. Booker Krane busted loose from my imagination, and I became as enamored of his as I was of Dixie.

MMG: If the apocalypse happened, which of your heroes &/or heroines would you want to have on hand to help you survive and why?

CR: Dixie’s more kick-butt than Booker, but I’d also have to consider Kirk Longshadow, from the Emissary trilogy. He has the training of a cop, friends in high political places, and a secret “weapon.”

MMG: Who is the celebrity who inspired the characters in your latest book?

CR: Everyday people are more inspiring to me than celebrities. But do I picture a particular actor playing the part of Booker Krane? Give me a minute to think about it—okay, Robert Downey Jr would be great in this role because he can do humor as well serious roles.

MMG: What genre(s) do you write in & why?

CR: Suspense, fantasy, science fiction, horror, and mystery—because those are genres I loved growing up. I confess to being a little twisted—but only in fiction. My real life would bore most people to tears.

MMG: Are there any particular locations you have traveled to that have made it into your novels?

CR: Texas, of course. Dixie comes from Houston, as I do. Booker lives in Central Texas, as I do now. In her first venture, Bitch Factor, Dixie had to travel all the way to South Dakota to bring home a fugitive. Most of my family live in Wyoming, so I’ve made that trip many times, usually driving and taking different routes each time. In the 4th book, Slice of Life, Dixie traveled to Galveston. Longshadow, in the Emissary trilogy, also comes from Houston, and he travels down in to Mexico, which I’ve done, but not since it became so dangerous to drive through the border towns. My upcoming series is a dark fantasy that takes place on a tall ship in the Caribbean. The ship and story were inspired by a cruise to the Antilles Islands that my son and I took the year he graduated high school.

MMG: If you were not writing, what would your profession be?

CR: Art. I enjoy painting. My artwork provides a respite from the keyboard. At present, I have three paintings in a show at the Texas Gallery in College Station, Tx, but I’ve only recently begun showing. The visual medium engages a different part of my brain, which is almost like vacation.

MMG: What is your go-to snack or meal when you are on deadline?

CR: Loaded question! Right now I’m dieting, so I don’t snack unless it’s on raw kale. Any other time it would probably be Oreos and milk.

MMG: How many more books do you have planned in the series?

CR: At least 5 each in the Booker Krane and dark fantasy series, and as I’ve said, Emissary is slated to be first in a trilogy. I also publish an anthology each year of 7 short stories, which I expect to do for 4 more years, to end with 7 total.

MMG: What would the theme song for this novel be & why?

CR: I’m working with Frank Moore right now to come up with a theme “song” for the trailer. He writes original music, and I asked him to play around with sounds similar to the opening bass guitar notes of an old rock & roll hit by the late Gene Vincent. I’ve only heard that particular opening on one version of the song, but the Beatles song, “Day Tripper,” has a similar opening riff.

MMG: Do you have any other upcoming releases that readers should know about?

CR: The next book, which I hope will publish in early summer, is Paradise Cursed, in which a 300-year-old pirate now operates his schooner as a cruise ship in the Caribbean. Not only does the ship have magic soaked into its hull, the cruise always attracts at least one passenger with a problem of the supernatural type that Captain Cord McKinsey must help to solve.

Thanks for stopping by, Chris! And be sure to check out her latest release.

HERE LIES A WICKED MAN v4 cover draft.front

Here Lies A Wicked Man

When Booker Krane retired early from his career as a white collar corporate investigator, he was sure of only two things: he was done digging up buried secrets, and he loved being near water. After recovering from the bullet wound from his final case, he settles into a leisurely lifestyle at his new home on Turtle Lake—including his new part-time job as a freelance photographer. But the morning his dog drags a dead body onto the shore, Booker and his camera are commandeered by Sheriff Ringhoffer, and in less time than it takes the elusive perfect lighting to disappear, he’s deeply embroiled within the investigation.

While the deceased, a prominent yet awfully wicked man, had many people who’d likely have motive and opportunity to kill him, Booker wants to believe it was simply an accident. An arrow would be an unusual murder weapon, and he can’t picture any of the suspects—the victim’s wife, sons, business partner, sexy mistress, or attractive lessee—as cold-hearted killers. But it turns out more than one of them knows how to draw a bowstring, and Booker’s curious mind can’t ignore the evidence against the victim falling on his own arrow—even when the sheriff rules the death an accident.

Putting his own life at risk, can Booker solve the case for the residents of Lakeside Estates? Or will magazine deadlines, his budding attraction for Roxanna Larkspur, or tension with his only son interfere with his search for the truth?

Available at Amazon!


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  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Chris! Congratulations on your new release, Here Lies a Wicked Man! I love quirky characters and small towns so I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂 But the 300 year old pirate running a cruise ship really sounds intriguing. Hope you’ll return to let us know when that releases 🙂

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Chris, I love the cover and the blurb of Here Lies a Wicked Man! And can’t beat Robert Downey Jr. as a character model – except for Johnny Depp. 🙂 Congrats on the new release!

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