Review: Never Too Late by Robyn Carr

never too lateTitle: Never Too Late
Author: Robyn Carr
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: MIRA Books
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: ARC received from Publisher

Book Summary:

A near-fatal car accident might be one of the best things that ever happened to Clare Wilson. During her recuperation, Clare gathers the resolve to divorce her charming but philandering husband, a man she’d married after the tragic death of her original fiance. As Clare heals both physically and emotionally, she gets close to Jankowski, a studly cop 10 years her junior who witnessed Clare’s crash. But Sam is too intense too soon, and Clare has been burdened with guilt over the man who has held the key to her heart for 20 years. As Clare sorts out her life, her sisters gather around her, trying to protect her from any more harm. This is as much a novel about the strong bond among sisters as it is a love story.

My Thoughts:

‘Never Too Late’ is more than a love story. (Although it definitely delivers in that department!) It’s also about the love between families, especially sisters, and the resilient spirit and strength of women.

Right away, Clare is involved in a serious car crash, and this changes the way she thinks about her life and how she wants to handle her current situation. I loved seeing her resolve to change her life and not stay in an unfaithful marriage. To me, her ‘restart’ was so inspiring to see evolve. I loved how she handled herself in her divorce and started focusing on herself and her fresh start. The dynamic between her and the men in her life was so entertaining to see unfold! Without risking spoilers, Clare’s love life gets pretty interesting and SUPER romantic.

Clare’s two sisters, Sarah and Maggie, face challenges of their own in ‘Never Too Late’. I loved that the sisters were pretty different from each other, but all three were dealing with some pretty major life events. They are all strong in their own ways, but each display different vulnerabilities. Carr interwove the sisters lives together seamlessly and provided a very multi-dimensional story. I don’t have sisters but felt that I could really relate to these women and their stories.

Although the three sisters are at the heart of this story, Carr did not skimp on the romance! Each sister is at a different spot in their lives. Clare is going through a divorce, Maggie has been married for many years, and Sarah is single. ‘Never too Late’ touched on new love, old love and rekindling passion. All I can say was that I wasn’t disappointed! The scenes between love interests were sweet, sexy and everything in between. The romantic interests are all pretty different and swoon-worthy in their own rights.

‘Never Too Late’ is full of hope and a lesson in the power of new beginnings. It’s a great balance of romantic, fun and uplifting!

Reviewed by: Chelsea Cloud

Four stars

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Chelsea, thanks for the review. I’m a huge Robyn Carr fan, though mostly her Virgin River and Thunder Point books. I’ve tried reading a couple of her other books, and they weren’t as satisfying to me. But this sounds like another book of hers that I would love.

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