Interview with Author Tawdra Kandle

Hey, everyone! I’m back and I have another author to introduce to you. Her name is Tawdra Kandle and I recently learned about her from the box set Hot Beach Romance: Sand, Sunshine and Sizzle!  It looks really good with 15 books for just 99 cents!

Are you ready to get to know Tawdra?

To start off, can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Absolutely! I’m a writer who also happens to be a wife and homeschooling mom. I live in central Florida, but I was an Army and P&G brat and grew up everywhere. Home is technically South Jersey, which means for me, ‘the city’ is Philadelphia, we cheer for the Philies and the Eagles and the shore is nothing like what you’ve seen on television. I’m happily transplanted in Florida, though I love to travel whenever I can.

Have you been writing “forever” and if not, when/how did you decide to write?

11187249_1062495793778903_6378414454093288781_oI have been writing forever. In school, I was the one known for being able to put things into words; I was the newspaper editor, and I planned to major in journalism. Ultimately, I left college to get married and move to Hawaii with my husband (who was in the Army), and being a wife and mom took over. But I never stopped writing. I did short stories, I wrote non-fiction pieces for different small publications and ran more church newsletters than I can remember. Fiction was also playing in the back of my mind, but it didn’t burst forth fully until 2008, when I was sick in bed for two weeks. I’d read “Twilight” and the fourth book wasn’t out yet. . .I needed something to read and couldn’t find anything. I decided I would write what I wanted to read, and about four months later, FEARLESS was finished. I never looked back.

 What genres do you typically write? 

Always romance. I started out writing YA paranormal, and I did enjoy it, but when I wrote THE POSSE, I realized I’d found my true love. (Pun intended.) I straddled contemporary and paranormal for about 18 months, but this year I’m only releasing contemporary romance. However. . .my paranormal characters have begun to get a little loud. So I plan to release a few paranormal romances next year. All of my paranormals are in the same world and are connected in some way, although some are YA, some are NA and others are adult. But I’m eager to get back to them.

Do you read in the same genres you write? 

Mostly. I love contemporary romance, especially new adult. I don’t read much YA, which is probably why I’ve moved away from it. Right now, I’m hooked on NA sports romances, so I’ve been toying with the idea of working one of those into my own writing schedule.

the planWhere do you find your inspiration and ideas for your stories?

I find it in a mixture of places. A good deal of my YA work came from interaction with my kids and their friends, as well as my own memories and life. Most of my con rom ideas come from the characters themselves, or whatever I happen to be doing at the time I’m planning their books.

Are you on social media? If so, which platforms do you like to use to interact with your readers most? 

I am on social media. . .all the time. I’m most interactive on Facebook and Twitter, though I also use Instagram and Pinterest to some degree. My private group of readers is where I have the most fun, because I can be myself—and they love me anyway.

What is the strangest thing a reader has ever said to you? 

Oh, my, that’s actually harder than you might think. I hear a lot of weird stuff! The most disturbing was when someone said she’d based a life decision on one of my books. (gulp!) Something I’m asked pretty frequently is about THE POSSE, where the main female character is a widow. I’m often asked if I’ve picked out one of my husband’s friends, just in case. Uhhhhh . . . no.

What do you love most about the romance writing world? 

I love that we all can gush about love and happily-ever-afters, and we tend to not be cynical. Mostly. We have to believe in true love, at least to some extent.

the pathWhat do you have coming up?  

Well, THE PLAN (which is the second Crystal Cove romance) came out on June 29th, and THE PATH, the third Crystal Cove romance, comes out August 25th. It’s a beach summer! I’ll also be in St. Louis at Penned Con, in Orlando at Indie BookFest and in Atlanta at Authors After Dark. In the fall, the next book in the Perfect Dish series comes out. It’s called JUST ROLL WITH IT and I am itching to get at it!

Anything else you want to say to the Magical Musings readers? 

Thank you for having me here . . . and please do stop my Facebook page and let me know you found me at Magical Musings. I love to chat with readers and meet new ones. *And* if you’re going to be at any of the events I mentioned above, be sure to come by my table—I’ll have something special for you.

* * * * *

Readers, you can find The Plan and The Path at the following retailers!

The Plan: iBooks / Amazon / Nook / Google Play / Kobo / ARe

The Path: iBooks / Amazon / Nook / Google Play / Kobo

* * * * *

Have any of you read a book by Tawdra in the past? If not, have you been to any book conferences that you enjoyed so much you want to go back? 

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Tawdra, welcome to MM. I’m definitely going to check out your books. Like you, I started writing in different genres. That definitely keeps it from getting boring and feeling like a J-O-B. Instead, we get to write what we’re excited about.

  2. Tawdra, welcome. And what beautiful covers!

  3. Amy R says:

    Thanks for being my guest today, Tawdra! I can’t wait to dive into your books and am bummed I am not going to Penned Con this year. It was a lot of fun last year. I hope you enjoy it!

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