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I want heralds for my two new releases. I wrote Truth About Love & Murder at an emotional time in my life, and a lot of that got into the book. It also has some humor – along with murder and love – as well as bad guys and a young boy whose mom is dying. And a great hero and heroine, too.

Rules of Love & Murder still has a lot of emotion, but it’s a bit lighter than Truth, and it has a twist that early readers already commented on. (Author Mary Hughes compared one of my characters to Dexter.) Both books are stand-alone.

Here are the two books and the blurbs:

TruthAboutLove&Murder-333x500The truth is that life is uncertain.

Meg Quinn hasn’t been to war, but her father has, and it changed their lives for the worse — and for the better. Now she has a sharp tongue and a mind to match … and she doesn’t trust easily. The best person she knows is losing a fight with death, and Meg is guardian of her friend’s seven-year-old son.

Easy MacLean, the co-guardian, is Meg’s dying friend’s brother. The former Marine has been hibernating in his Colorado mountain home, and Meg lets him know that he needs to be by his sister’s side in Milwaukee now.

Easy is attracted to his sister’s clever friend, but life gets complicated when he gets involved in a search for a missing veteran. After living alone with his rescue dog for so long, Easy and his dog are now sharing a home with a beautiful woman, a boy, and a cat. Even as he watches his sister die a little each day, he’s finding out the truth about life and love … and murder.

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Rules of Love and Murder-Amazon_333x500Some days life is wonderful. Other days it’s murder.

Former Marine August Reyes is home for good, haunted by images of bloodshed. He meets up again with Elle Styles, the girl he’s never been able to forget.

When August was eight and Elle was six, she changed his and his mother’s lives before she and her widowed mother left the Wisconsin vacation town. Twenty-two years later, she’s returned to Trouble Bay with her four-year-old daughter, but they’re only staying for six weeks. Elle and August are different people now. He sees life through darkness, and she sees it through light. And light and dark don’t mix well.

Someone else was changed by Elle when she was young. A woman who lives by her own rules. Rule Nr. Two—Don’t let anyone cheat you—is in play now. And this might lead to Rule Nr. Three: Don’t kill anyone … unless killing is necessary.

The town of Trouble Bay is about to live up to its name. Life there can be murder… Even when you’re falling in love.

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Since I don’t have real heralds, I hope you’ll tell your friends about my releases. I’m giving away 10 ebooks of RULES OF LOVE & MURDER. For a chance to win, leave your name and let me know where you shared it. (Facebook, twitter, or told a friend.) 

I’m also accepting readers’ names on Facebook, my own blog, and Delilah Devlin’s blog. I’m having a separate giveaway for my newsletter subscribers. The 10 winners will be chosen on The contest will end on the 25th. Good luck!

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  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Congratulations, Edie!! Can’t wait to let everyone know the good news 🙂

  2. Congrats, Edie! The new books sound really cool. 🙂
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Spider’s Trap, Elemental Assassin #13, available for pre-order …

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  4. Huge congratulations, Edie! So excited for you!

  5. (Boy, I wish those Captchas would stop making me do math! :))

    Congrats on the new books, Edie! I just started TRUTH ABOUT LOVE AND MURDER, and am enjoying it! Excellent writing as always.
    Rebecca “Kate” Sterling`s last blog was …I miss the bloggers…

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