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51o72HR2shL._UY250_Kissin’ Hell

by Jodi Redford

There are two certainties in life soul collector and hellhound Jericho Stryker knows too well—Death never takes a holiday, and women are typically more trouble than they’re worth. That goes double for his personal nemesis and regular pain in his backside, Lola McKenna. Sure, the luscious little hellcat gets his blood boiling in more ways than one, but some scratches are best left un-itched. That determination is strained to the max when a botched soul acquisition job lands him on the same case as Lola.

Fetching a stubborn soul from a haunted bordello should be a piece of cake. Unfortunately for Lola, she has to deal with Jericho horning in on her bounty. Attempting to keep her cool and her wits around her sinfully sexy adversary? Easier said than done. Especially when she finds herself locked overnight with Jericho. Not strangling him before sunrise? A faint possibility. Ignoring the lusty, depraved sexual fantasies he awakens in her? A snowball’s chance in hell of happening. But worst of all is the very real possibility that he could steal the one thing she most fears losing to him—her heart.





51fBsGviclL._UY250_Feels So Right

by S.L. Carpenter, Sahara Kellly

They’re ordinary women trying to make a life for themselves, just like everyone else. But these three are about to stumble into the greatest of adventures – love. For Eleanor, it’s a chance meeting at a cheerful country bar, while her sister Jodi opens a new restaurant next door and discovers the bartender has hidden talents. Tracy’s world expands dramatically when she visits her college buddy Eleanor – and learns that domination and submission can lead to unexpected pleasures! They didn’t expect happy endings, but sometimes things just feel so right…


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51Le4lpsH+L._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_Cordially Invited to Meet Death

by Rex Stout

In “Cordially Invited to Meet Death”, Bess Huddleston, a high-powered, high-society social secretary sort of woman, comes to Nero Wolfe with two anonymous letter. The letters involved her and she was afraid that if they went on she would lose her business as a party arranger for the high and lofty. When Archie went to investigate he ran right into the middle of a very unpleasant murder. And then it was up to Nero Wolfe. These mysteries present Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin at their brilliant and exciting best.



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