My Own Unreasonable Obsession with Cool Stuff and Challenge

I loved Leisha’s post and decided to do my own obsessions. This is, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. I want to challenge all my Magical Musings buds to doing their own obsessions. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

1. The Amazing Spiderman! With an emphasis on amazing. I am a card-carrying, die-hard fan of Spidey. I have all the movies and watch them often. Here I’m showing you a couple of my posters and my mug. Also, Spiderman is super sexy! It’s clear in the picture where he’s lip-locked with Mary Jane Watson. I love his corny quips, his sarcasm and…ah…his suit. Yeah, it’s all about those colors and the design. 🙂









2. MINIONS! OMG, I love these little yellow guys who are the henchmen of Gru, a supervillain who adopts three orphan girls. Wherever these guys go, whatever they do from singing to trying to be evil, there’s plenty of high-velocity comic insanity. And, really, who doesn’t need a bit of empty-headed frolicking? I have tattoos and figures. I am considering getting some cardboard cutouts. If I do, I’ll post pictures.

3. Mugs. So many reasons to like them and collect them. They hold coffee, tea, and even soup. The slogans are witty and funny. You can indulge your obsession with all the things you love with one of the obsessive items you love. Uh, yeah. Maybe I need to go get some coffee. Then I’ll make sense. Here are a few of the ones I love. The one with the frog on it came all the way from Japan and is hand-made. I had to have it. My green tea needs is own special mug.

2015-08-04 16.58.2720150804_170109












4. Sex and the City. Shoes, fashion and the sex lives of four single women navigating the dating and loving waters in New York City. Sometimes it was gritty, some of the time it was hilariously funny, many times it was heartbreaking, often there were bad trainwreck decisions, but it always boiled down to a deep-seated friendship, the special and supportive relationship women have with each other. I spun out a whole series based on it and added in dogs because I absolutely bought into and loved the relationship between the women in the show. Girlfriends rock and even eleven years since Sex and the City has been off the air, we’re still binge-watching, reliving, reminiscing, and continuing the eternal Mr. Big/Aiden debate. Yeah, I was just in New York City for the RWA Conference and I went on the SATC bus tour and LOVED it. Highlight was walking down the street and standing in front of Carrie’s stoop. I even got a mug (Yeah, there is obsession overlap. Don’t judge me like Judge Judy.).


















5. Games. I have two obsessive time sucks that are as addictive as gambling. I can’t get enough of these games. One is an old obsession and I have been playing it for eight years. World of Warcraft. It’s a massive multi-player on-line role playing game or MMORPG. It’s all about getting stuff so that you can defeat more monsters so you can get more cool stuff. Really, everything is about cool stuff. But I will say that this game has kept me engaged and coming back year after year for the humor, the content, and the awesome people I have met on-line who bring me right back to why I love Sex and the City–friendships. The second game is new and it’s all about LEGO. Most of the time console games (those played with a controller not on the PC) are a challenge for me, but I have discovered that I’m relatively competent at playing LEGO games. Here is a video of my daughter using Wingardium Leviosa. It’s a quirky, finicky spell that I got hours of enjoyment watching her try to build bridges and do puzzles. I hope I pronounced that spell correctly.












6. SyFy. Space. Anything and everything that has to do with spaceships, traveling to distant galaxies, and having swashbuckling adventures filled with romance. My top four favs are:

Star Wars









Star Trek









Stargate Atlantis






















I could fill a post with what I love about SyFy and I haven’t even included fantasy which would also take up an entire post. Suffice it to say that alternate worlds really spark my writer’s imagination and I can appreciate all the awesome worldbuilding. What? Are you insinuating that there are hot guys in all of these? I hadn’t noticed.

7. Anime. It’s an art form and so freaking awesome that I can’t even list all the ones that I love here. These are just some of my favorites:

Bleach. Soul Reapers in an alternate shifting world of honor and loyalty and pure stinking evil. Oh, yeah and heartbreaking, freaking awesome romance.









Vash the Stampede. A cool as hell take on the space and the old west with romance. OMG! So freaking good!













Cowboy Bebop is a classic and the birth of anime. Bounty hunters in space and romance. Characters so good, you want to meet them, be them. Yeah.











Fairytale. It’s a guild where magic wielders protect the world. There’s rivalry and romance and amazing comic fun.









What? You say there are hot anime guys in all of these? Um…hadn’t noticed.

8. Celebrities. Christian Bale and Johnny Depp. Okay, so I love hot guys. Sue me. 🙂

Christian plays hard core, tough heroes whether he’s terrorizing bad guys, running from terminators, or fighting dragons.

600full-batman-(christian-bale) christian-bale-300main Men___Male_Celebrity_Beloved_Christian_Bale_057751_






Johnny plays quirky, lovable, hilarious, cunning, and imaginative characters. He is a genius.

johnny-depp-captain-jack-sparrow-pirates-of-the-carribean 98719862-a354-49f7-8ced-74a2b4ffc9a0















9. Pigs. I love their curly tails and really, bacon. Need I say more?













10. Key chains. They add a sense of personality to what would normally be boring keys. I once got the compliment from my car guy that I had the best key ring he’s ever seen. 🙂













So, the challenge is issued and you get a glimpse into my mad obsessions. Thank you Leisha for sparking this post. Other than my MM colleagues, what are your obsessions?

My next two releases:

Going to the Dogs 2: Piggy Bank Blues

Piggy Bank Book 1 SmlA penny saved is a penny earned.

Ian Lassiter is living the high life in Manhattan and loving it. He’s a successful artist and sculptor and has just adopted an adorable Mantle Great Dane named Ozzie from his sister, Callie. The bachelor life suits him, so he thinks until he gets a load of AlphaGroup’s newest client.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” O’Reilly is trying to save her art school for the deaf where she teaches. Thinking her clever Border Collie, Georgia who paints amazing huge abstract flowers could be commercial, she reads about grants available from AlphaGroup Investments that could help out. But, the guy she deals with, Ian, is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but he’s a renowned artist and touted as a confirmed bachelor. Lizzie comes from a big family and the man she gets involved with would have to embrace not only a happily ever after with her, but want kids as desperately as she does.

Ian just doesn’t fit the bill, or does he?

To Protect and Serve: Her Master Defender

9780373279395A battle-hardened marine and a driven NCIS agent join forces to survive…

Though survival training is Master Sergeant Tristan Michaels’s specialty, one of his students has been murdered. And sharing quarters with the ravishing NCIS agent sent to investigate is a challenge his expertise hasn’t prepared him for. Tristan has his reasons for distrusting NCIS agents, but Amber Dalton is stirring unwelcome feelings of a different kind…

Despite the fierce attraction between them, Amber is determined not to let it distract her from the mission. But when they’re captured by the killers, escape means combining forces and daring to survive freezing mountain terrain.

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7 Responses to My Own Unreasonable Obsession with Cool Stuff and Challenge

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Zoe, what a great post! Love about 2/3 of your obsessions, especially the mugs. We had to stop buying them because we ran out of room. And congrats on your new releases! Yay! You know that I’m clicking on the one with a Great Dane, don’t you? LOL

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Zoe,

    I love your obsessions, especially the computer games and science fiction. I play Baldur’s Gate and have discovered Marvel Puzzle Quest. I spent too many hours on those lol. although frankly I am hopeless when it comes to console games. we have a week and a stock car racing game, and I spend most of the game plowed into the concrete barriers lol. I enjoy anime too, and recently discovered Cowboy Bebop. Funny that you should mention Fairy Tails. I was surprised to find Mary Hughes is a character in that series. 🙂

  3. Zoe, I’m a sci-fi fan too, and love Serenity, Star Wars, Star Trek and BattleStar Gallactica. I’m not so much a mug person as a fine bone china cup and saucer person. Find it hard to walk past them, LOL.

    Also, don’t let me into a stationary shop. Pens, notebooks, pencils . . . I can’t be trusted.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …New release: Breaking Out Part I & II

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