Challenge Accepted

Zoe shared her top ten obsessions last week and challenged the rest of us to do the same. Since I enjoyed her and Leisha’s lists—and I’m always up for a list myself—I’m taking her up on it. Thank you, Zoe, for the challenge and the idea for a blog topic!

So here are some of my obsessions, in no particular order:

  1. Gel pens. Everything is better with pretty colors, and throw in some glitter or metallic effects and it’s even better. When I sit down to do some brain-twisting technical writing or when I’ve hit a wall in a story and need to resort to paper and pen to work through a plot, I bust out my brightest, sparkliest gel pens. They don’t take away all the pain, but they ease the way.

    I. Need. This!!!

    I. Need. This!!!

  2. Bee Brilliant. It’s a game on my phone, similar to Candy Crush. I’d say it’s mindless, but some of those levels stump me for days, and my 13-year-old son quit playing because it was “too hard” (mind you, he’s into instant gratification). I’m not proud of this obsession, but it is what it is, and those cute little bees are addictive. (Warning: Don’t download it. Don’t!)bees
  3. HGTV. I could watch it day and night. Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, International House Hunters, or my absolutely favorite, Beachfront Bargain Hunt. (See obsession #10 below.) I’m a before-and-after home improvement junkie. I’ve had to make a rule for myself of no more than an hour of HGTV per
  4. Kansas Jayhawk basketball. It’s one of the premier programs in the country, and I used to live 100 yards from historic Allen Fieldhouse, the Jayhawks’ home court. If you’re not a sports fan, you probably don’t get it, but let’s just say there’s a lot of Crimson and Blue in my wardrobe.amyandjayhawk
  5. Jigsaw puzzles. The bigger, the better. I usually have one or another in progress on the coffee table throughout the winter months. (And like Zoe, I’m combining my obsessions with this KU basketball puzzle! <3)puzzle
  6. Kansas thunderstorms. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of tornados (an airborne one went directly over my house once), but I love the drama of the almost-daily storms in Eastern Kansas. The kind where, when you wake up in the morning, you can feel a certain something in the air and know with absolute certainty that nature is going to give you one heck of a loud, theatrical show that evening. (photo credit: _IGP0296_adjusted via photopin (license))ksthunderstorm
  7. U2. I’ll cop to being a fangirl. I bought my first U2 album (vinyl, thank you) in 7th grade—Under a Blood Red Sky. I went to my first U2 concert in Ames, Iowa, in 1991 and have hit every tour except one since then (some of them multiple times). Highlights include front row spots on the walkway in both the 360 tour and the current one, innocence + experience and introducing our kids to the U2 concert experience. (This is from the Chicago concert last month. Taken without a zoom.)bono
  8. Mosaics. Texture and color together? Nirvana for me! Just looking at mosaic works of art makes my fingers itch to create my own. I’ve taken one class, just a toe-dip in the water, and I plan to take more. When my kids are grown and out of the house, I aspire to be the crazy mosaic lady. (I don’t know where this is—it’s a stock photo—but it makes me happy.) photo credit: P1010812 via photopin (license)mosaic
  9. Zevia Cola. Weird, I know. With my uber-restrictive medical diet, I can eat approximately 6 foods (only a slight exaggeration), and sugar and soda, with all it’s artificial crap, are not on the list. Zevia isn’t necessarily healthy, but it’s sweetened with stevia and a lot better than my former vice, Diet Coke. The flavor had to grow on me, and now it’s my one daily treat, aka obsession.zevia
  10. The beach. I’m not picky…it can be on the ocean or the Gulf of Mexico. Fine sand and waves are all I need. I’m happy whether it’s high season or winter, as long as I can go to sleep with the waves as a lullaby. My ultimate goal is to live on the shore.
  11. The view from our rental condo on Miramar Beach, Florida.

    The view from our rental condo on Miramar Beach, Florida.

These are a few of my favorite things… Who’s next?

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15 Responses to Challenge Accepted

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Another HGTV addict waving her wildly. (Both hands, and literally, because I just did it.) One of my favorites is Flea Market Flip with Lara Spencer from Good Morning America. I love that show! If I were handy – which I’m not – I might do flea market flips instead of writing.

    I do love U2, but I’m not addicted to them. So cool that you’re so close. Maybe Bono will recognize you on their next tour. 🙂

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Edie, I haven’t seen Flea Market Flips for months but I like that one too! And Bono recognizing me…hmm, as long as it’s not as “that psychopath woman in the front row,” I think that’d be amazeballs! 😛

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Amy,

    Love your list! I share the gel pen obsession 🙂 I’m a Jayhawk fan in-law, adore puzzles and mosaics, enjoy U2, and beaches — yes, please! I wanted to try a new game, so thanks for the tip on Bee Brilliant 🙂

  3. Oh, I love pens too. I really like the Uni-Ball Signo pens for editing. Lots of cool colors to choose from.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …The continuing adventures of Gin Blanco …

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Jennifer, are writers the only ones with pen brands they glom? I like Ink Joy, though they aren’t gel, and I also like the fine-tipped Sharpie markers. I can’t remember my gel pen brand right now, but I have one.

  4. Count me in as a colourful pen lover. I also love writing with them when I’m stuck. Something about the story in pink, orange or purple just helps my creativity. I had a purple pen in my handbag for this very reason on a recent overseas trip, and when coming back into Australia, I filled in my and my kids arrival forms in purple. I didn’t see it stated anywhere that I had to use black, and I was jet lagged. Shrug. The one customs person DID. NOT. LIKE. IT. And sent me to the naughty line. Well, me, my two kids, and my husband. My sincere belief that in Australia, common sense always holds sway, was shaken for a moment, but then the naughty queue customs guy looked at my forms, said, this all looks fine, why are you here, and I said, apparently because I used purple pen, and he looked back at the form, back at me, and then over to the idiot who sent me to him, laughed out loud and said, well, promise never to do it again, and be off with you. Whew. Faith in the Aussie system restored!

  5. I love HGTV!!!! And the beach. LOL
    I love dogs. I own 7. And I love antique typewriters. I have 21.
    I LOVE Doctor Who and will cop to being a total fangirl/Whovian!
    Hmmm…I seem to be obsessed with a lot more than I thought. lol

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Sheila, antique typewriters! That’s a unique obsession and super intriguing. And timely…we were just helping my parents move last week and we found my dad’s old typewriter. I doubt it’s a true antique, and yet, any typewriter could be considered antique now.

      HGTV addicts unite! It’s like crack, I swear!

  6. Chris says:

    I have started using colored/ gel pens for coloring and love them! I grew up in RI and love the beach as well and find it soothing. As far as U2 go, I’ve been a fan since 1983. I haven’t seen as many concerts as you but my most memorable one was seeing them at Slane Castle in Ireland in Sept 2001. It was my dream to see them perform inIreland.

    I have a weakness for Jack Daniels as my favorite tipple.

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Chris, my U2 friend! Slane Castle…wow, wow, wow. Definitely a dream! Someday… 🙂

      I love coloring, too, though I’m not sure I’ve tried it with gel pens. Huh…must do that soon!

      Tipple, what a great word. Though I’m not a big fan, Jack does deserve some love! 🙂

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