Taking up the (Unreasonable Obsession) Challenge–my Cool Stuff

Leisha began this, and Zoe challenged us to continue it–whether it’s a ’68 Mustang or the perfect summer day, we all get a twinkle of delight at really cool stuff. Here are a few of mine.

1. GEMSTONES. Yeah, the shinier the better. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds…we toured the gems room at the Natural History Museum and I might have drooled a time or two. Strangely, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. I think I like to look at it more than I like to be weighed down by it.

2. MYSTERIES. Detective books like Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe, a 1/7 ton, orchid-growing, beer-swilling genius, and Elizabeth Peters’s feisty 1900s archeologist Amelia Peabody; smart crime dramas with great characters like NCIS and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Sherlock (Holmes), who is so popular he is in books, television and movies!


3. SCENTS. Good smells, like roses, lilacs, perfume, soap, author Leigh Morgan’s candles. New-mown grass and hay. Incense. Bakeries. Ooh, donuts…mmm. Bacon sizzling, even though I’m a vegetarian. Coffee…hmm, must be dinner time, lol.

photo credit: P2450117 via photopin (license)

photo credit: P2450117 via photopin (license)



4. PUZZLES. I do CrossSums every day and enjoy variety puzzles so much I bought a box of 40. The trick is getting the mechanical pencil to run out of lead at the same time the eraser is worn away to nothing.

5. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Scenes from a Hat. Colin doing his dinosaur imitation. Wayne singing anything. Other humor too, Stephanie Plum, DragonBall Z Abridged, Weird Al, Marx Brothers, Simon’s Cat, xkcd.

DrWhoScarf6. SCIENCE FICTION. Again, from books to television to movies: Asimov, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel’s Avengers. Many science fiction stories are about friendship and solid teamwork, which I adore. Others rejoice in grand adventure. Some have both! Who doesn’t love the way Sarah Jane and the Doctor constantly rescued each other?

My niece knitted her own Tom Baker scarf and I’m just tickled every time I see it.

HubbleSite.org The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104)

HubbleSite.org The Majestic Sombrero Galaxy (M104)

7. VISTAS. Not just on earth, but anything I can gaze at and breathe freer. Lakes, fields, forests, mountains. Even a big backyard satisfies something deep inside.

India Gala 2014 (32)8. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. If it bangs, blows, or bows, I love it! My earliest memories are of banging on a toy piano, and I loved visiting my aunt, thinking she was the coolest because she had a real one!

What’s your coolest stuff?

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6 Responses to Taking up the (Unreasonable Obsession) Challenge–my Cool Stuff

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Mary, I looked at Cross Sums, but almost every morning, I do three different word puzzles (to jump start my brain), and I think I’ll stick with that. I don’t need another morning addiction. 👿

    I have a picture in my mind of a skinny girl child banging on her toy piano – and probably playing beautiful music. Now you still play beautiful music, only with better (and more expensive) instruments. 🙂 And you take that rhythm and those beats to your books, too. 🙂

    • Mary Hughes says:

      Aw, Edie, thanks! I had the ubiquitous page boy haircut and looked a lot like Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird (the movie). But I had fun with those pianos, lol.

      Three puzzles in the morning Wow! I think it’s a great way to jump start the brain!

  2. Oh, I like shiny gemstones too! Although I wouldn’t mind wearing them at all. LOL.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Bitter Bite, Elemental Assassin #14, coming on Feb. 23, 2016 …

  3. I like the shiny too! 🙂
    And shoes 😉

  4. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle,

    I do love the shiny, lol. Shoes too! The cuter, the better. I do have to be able to run in them, so I’m a big fan of ankle straps.

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