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hocBook title: Hearts of Clover (Half My Heart and Change My Heart bundle)

Book author: Danielle Stewart

Book blurb: HALF MY HEART

At nineteen, Devin Sutton lost his first love, his freedom, and his hope. Years later, the only thing he has on his mind this holiday season is finally settling the score back in Clover, North Carolina.

That is, until the girl he thought he’d lost forever crosses his path. Rebecca Farrus is supposed to be off living the life of her dreams, not tending bar in some dive.

When faced with the choice, will Devin decide to celebrate what he’s finally found or keep seeking retribution for everything he lost?


You really can’t have it all, or so Devin Sutton is finding out fast. Returning to Clover was all part of his plan to exact revenge on the town that robbed him of nearly a decade of his life. Unfortunately, things quickly begin to crumble when he’s forced to choose between rekindling an old love or destroying the town. Walking the fine line between both might just end up leaving him with nothing.

With his heart full of vengeance is there any room for love?



wiohBook title: Wish in One Hand

Book author: B.E. Sanderson

Book blurb: Nobody promised Josephine Mayweather life as a genie would be all eating bon-bons and sniffing roses. In fact, no one told Jo much of anything about her wish-powered existence. The only thing she knows for certain: Enslavement sucks. So instead of squandering her immortality, or slowly going nuts from it, she found a purpose—setting her kind free from their Masters and those three little wishes.

And the plan is going strong. That is, until some murderous thing decides her rescue missions are the perfect opportunity to play ‘off the genie’. Stopping this freak should be easy for a chick with phenomenal powers, but the Efreet’s existence isn’t the only secret her kind has kept and ignorance isn’t half the bliss they make it out to be.

In order to stop a murderer, she partners up with a former lover she’s avoided for decades and begins uncovering her brethren’s secrets—whether they like it or not. With the help of people Jo’s not sure she can trust, she just might uncover the answers in time to prevent a war . If she doesn’t get screwed over first. The whole damn situation stinks, but with genies dying around her, Jo’s got to man up—even if doing so could get her killed.

Or worse, enslaved again.

Amazon | Goodreads


alwbfBook title: A Love Worth Biting For

Book author: Roxy Mews

Book blurb: Who’s afraid of the big bad hybrid?

Hart Clan Hybrids, Book 1

Amber Paulson’s wolf has chosen a mate for her, but Amber is not amused with its pick. Jake Meyers might look amazing in a wet T-shirt and have the cheekbones and strong jaw that artists drool over. Too bad he is missing a pulse.

Jake is a vampire, well, mostly. Then a tall, curvy redhead pops up on his radar and something awakens in him. Even though he tries to stay away, Amber gets under his skin, and his vampire/werewolf heritage starts to become more bark and less bite. For the first time, he feels the call of the moon, and he knows it’s all because of Amber Paulson.

Amber’s trying to stay away, and Jake’s trying to not turn furry. They both fail miserably—and with a lot of sweaty and enjoyable property destruction.

By giving in to her mating call, Amber finds out more than she ever wanted to know about herself, her family, and the rogue wolf who took so much from her so long ago. As her past comes back to bite her, she’ll have to decide what she’s willing to give up for her mate. Her home? Her pack? Her…heartbeat?

Warning: This book contains a snarky shifter heroine who could give Sookie a run for her money, a hot hunk of a vampire with a soft (and furry) side, and sex so sizzling that even an inter-species war can’t get in the way.

Amazon | BN | ARE | Kobo | Samhain

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