So Many Questions with Author Veronica Scott!

I hope your week has been fabulous. If not, well, that is about to change because I am going to introduce you to another author this week. Are you ready to meet Veronica Scott? I recently met Veronica and she is so very sweet. And busy! Let’t learn more about her.

Welcome to the blog, Veronica! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Veronica Scott square photoI’m Veronica Scott and I write fantasy romance set in ancient Egypt and science fiction romance set in the far future, and I voraciously read everything I can get my hands on! This year I was able to accomplish the dream of going full time as a writer, but prior to that I spent a lot of wonderful time at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (think Mars rovers) on the business side of the house, which was an amazing place to work. I also write the SciFi Encounters column for USA Today Happily Ever After blog, as well as having my own blog, plus a few more places I contribute. Apparently I’m just not happy unless I’m wayyyyy overbooked! I have two daughters, one grandson Lego-aficionado, and two cats.

Have you been writing “forever” and if not, when/how did you decide to write?

I wrote my first story at the age of seven, and illustrated it too. Flying cats, flying horses, lots of princesses and a river boat captain for the romance. I’ve written ever since then but really got serious about my craft and working to become published in late 2010. (I do have some rejections from earlier writing attempts but buckled down to learning what I needed to know – show vs tell, POV etc – in 2010.) Carina Press bought my first ancient Egyptian story in 2011 and Priestess of the Nile was published in 2012. Now I independently publish my novels for the most part. I alternate between writing fantasy and science fiction, but always with romance and HEA included.

GhostOfTheNile_highresDo you read in the same genres you write?

Yes, as well as many others. Since I was a kid I always have to have something to read or I kind of panic. I also read pretty fast so thank goodness there are so many wonderful, prolific authors writing nowadays. I love Regency romances, paranormal, urban fantasy, some contemporaries, a touch of BDSM here and there…plus the scifi and the fantasy. I read nonfiction as well.

Where do you find your inspiration and ideas for your stories?

For me the story almost always starts with the situation and a “what if” question. What if the Titanic was a luxury spaceliner and my characters were traveling aboard her? What if my characters got trapped behind enemy lines on a planet at war? What if the Crocodile God was a shifter and fell in love with a human girl? The characters come after the situation occurs to me, and then I’m off and writing.

Are you on social media? If so, which platforms do you like to use to interact with your readers most?

I’m a huge Twitter fan – it’s like a giant party to me and I love all the conversations. I like to curate content and share fun things with my Followers. So I’m always there. I also enjoy Facebook interactions – more good conversations! And there are a couple of scifi romance groups I spend a lot of time with on FB.

What is the strangest thing a reader has ever said to you?

They asked if my ancient Egyptian stories were based on my own experiences. Um no, not an immortal or a reincarnated ancient to the best of my knowledge, but thanks for enjoying the books!

What do you love most about the romance writing world?

A reader can experience so many other lives and times, be in so many places…dance with the Duke, marry the Pharaoh, fight the aliens next to the good looking space marine….As an author, I love telling my stories and getting feedback from the readers. I always enjoy meeting readers too, at a conference or event!

MaroonedFinal-FJM_High_Res_1800x2700What do you have coming up?

I’m in edits on a new science fiction romance, probably out next year. Next I’ll be doing a sequel to Star Cruise: Marooned, which was my most recent best seller, and of course more ancient Egyptian romances. Ghost of the Nile was so much fun to write and left me with even more ideas to explore. Ancient Egypt had such depth and culture over thousands of years, and a wonderfully complex mythology to work with. Of course sometimes a story just comes to you out of the blue and demands to be written, and then the plans go out the window!

Anything else you want to say to the Magical Musings readers?

Keep on reading, whatever your favorite genres may be! Thanks for having me as a guest today – I always enjoy these posts and it was such fun to have the chance to answer the questions.

* * * * *

Thank you to Veronica for joining us today. In addition to the Twitter and Facebook pages she mentioned above you can also find her on Goodreads and at her Amazon page!

Since Veronica writes fantasy and science fiction, I am curious who else out there is a big fan of those genres? If so, who are your favorite authors and/or books?

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6 Responses to So Many Questions with Author Veronica Scott!

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Amy and Veronica,

    Warm welcome, Veronica! I adore ancient Egypt! One of my favorite series is Elizabeth Peter’s fiesty archeologist Amelia Peabody, set in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I’ll definitely be checking out Ghost of the Nile. Thanks!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Veronica, I love your covers! And your books sound like such a fun mix. Like Mary, I adore Elizabeth Peters’ stories. But I pretty much love any book with a strong, intelligent heroine and a handsome hero. 🙂 I’m going to check out your books!

  3. Thanks for having me as your guest today! I really enjoyed the questions…I also appreciate the comments. I LOVE the Amelia Peabody series…I also enjoyed the original “Mummy” movie with Brendan Fraser, and the spirit of adventure and magic there, with plenty of romance. I try to capture some of that in my ancient Egyptian books. Thanks to everyone who stops by and if you do try the books, I hope you’ll find them enjoyable 🙂
    Veronica Scott`s last blog was …Was I Injured? Weekend Writing Warriors

  4. Cara Bristol says:

    I learned something new about you – -we have very similar reading tastes. Your work background so is perfect for writing sci-fi.
    Cara Bristol`s last blog was …Release Day! Stranded with the Cyborg is available now!

  5. Diane Burton says:

    🙂 I enjoyed getting to know you better. We have a Lego-aficionado grandson in common. Best wishes for your multitude of activities. You are one busy lady.

  6. Lovely to see a fellow SFRBer here, Veronica 🙂 Welcome, and I thoroughly enjoyed Star cruise: Marooned.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Book Blitz: Dark Horse

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