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I have been struggling for a while now with my website. I had it revamped a little while ago and still wasn’t happy with the look. I was struggling mostly with the header and spent more than a year thinking about it. Then finally last week when I was talking to my website manager, it came to me. I think the new header makes a fresh, modern impact.

Zoe’s Brand New Revamped Website

I think the header might need a bit more work, but I’ll think about that and play around with it. Any suggestions would be welcome!

Do you drive yourself crazy with your own website or any creative endeavor?

Happy reading!


Upcoming releases:

Going to the Dogs 2: Piggy Bank Blues

Piggy Bank Book 1 SmlA penny saved is a penny earned.

Ian Lassiter is living the high life in Manhattan and loving it. He’s a successful artist and sculptor and has just adopted an adorable Mantle Great Dane named Ozzie from his sister, Callie. The bachelor life suits him, so he thinks until he gets a load of AlphaGroup’s newest client.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” O’Reilly is trying to save her art school for the deaf where she teaches. Thinking her clever Border Collie, Georgia who paints amazing huge abstract flowers could be commercial, she reads about grants available from AlphaGroup Investments that could help out. But, the guy she deals with, Ian, is not only drop-dead gorgeous, but he’s a renowned artist and touted as a confirmed bachelor. Lizzie comes from a big family and the man she gets involved with would have to embrace not only a happily ever after with her, but want kids as desperately as she does.

Ian just doesn’t fit the bill, or does he?

To Protect and Serve: Her Master Defender

9780373279395A battle-hardened marine and a driven NCIS agent join forces to survive…

Though survival training is Master Sergeant Tristan Michaels’s specialty, one of his students has been murdered. And sharing quarters with the ravishing NCIS agent sent to investigate is a challenge his expertise hasn’t prepared him for. Tristan has his reasons for distrusting NCIS agents, but Amber Dalton is stirring unwelcome feelings of a different kind…

Despite the fierce attraction between them, Amber is determined not to let it distract her from the mission. But when they’re captured by the killers, escape means combining forces and daring to survive freezing mountain terrain.

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3 Responses to Website Revamp – Always a Work-in-progress

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Zoe, I love your new header. Very striking and eye-catching. And your slideshow is awesome!

    I have a new header, too. Mine isn’t as striking as yours, I love how ‘clean’ my new header is. I still have to fix the content, but I’m too busy. And since I’m not good at graphics, everything takes so long. 🙁

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Zoe, looks great!! I love to play with websites but don’t have that professional eye 🙂 Congrats on your new header!

  3. Zoe Dawson says:

    Mary and Edie –

    I ended up changing it since I posted and I really love the new(er) look. A lot more color on this one and a few embellishments.

    Edie, I had a webmistress do all the work for me. She is fabulous and very reasonably priced. If you want her email, drop me a line.


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