Not Falling for It

fallHappy fall! Or really, if you ask me, not so happy.

I used to not mind fall, and then we moved north. Way north to Wisconsin. Somehow, over the past six years, fall has become nothing more than a prelude to the awful, never-ending, cold, snow-filled season that I detest with all my being. Fall fills me with dread, because there is just no getting used to twenty-below-zero temperatures (without the wind chill!) and feet of gray and black snow still piled up in March and April.

This year, however, I’m making an effort to enjoy the beauty of autumn, to give it a chance and stop thinking of it as the harbinger of frozen horror. I have to work at it constantly, but I’m trying.

In light of that, I’ve made a list of the top ten best parts of fall—the parts I need to stop and appreciate and enjoy instead of dreading what’s to come. In no particular order:

  1. Color— Nature is awesome. Crayola’s got nothing on her.
  2. Hoodies—Both sweaters and sweatshirts. (93% of my wardrobe)
  3. uglyshoeUgly shoes—Skechers makes several types of slip-on, fur-lined shoes. They aren’t pretty, but they are my FAVORITES. All three of the pairs I own (in different colors, of course.) Toasty warm. <3
  4. Flannel sheets—Thank you to whoever invented them.
  5. Apples—Fresh-picked, local, one of the few foods I can eat.
  6. Leaf piles—With all the crackling as you walk through them, it’s impossible to be snuck up on in the fall.
  7. Football—Go Pack Go!
  8. Late Night in the Phog—It’s the start of basketball season at the University of Kansas. If you have to ask why it’s awesome, then my explanation would mean nothing to you anyway. 😉
  9. The Voice—I’m a TV loser, and this is the only thing I watch besides HGTV and Food Network. Religiously. (Don’t judge.)
  10. Homemade soup—It’s hot and hearty and healthy, and I love a good alliteration.

BONUS: 11. Curling up with a good book in front of a fireplace or under a blanket. 🙂

Your turn…got anything to add to distract me from…yeah, that?

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10 Responses to Not Falling for It

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    I love The Voice! I wish they had it year-round, though I might not get as much work done… I’d like them to do an “after” show on previous winners – and non-winning singers.

    And you mentioned HGTV. I’ll just say two words: Property Brothers

    love the shoes you show, but I’m afraid they might be too warm for me. So I’ll add one more thing to your list: throws. I have way too many of them.

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Agree about The Voice, Edie! I don’t miss an episode. It’s a time commitment for sure. (But then all TV shows are, which is why I mostly don’t commit.)

      Yeah. Property Brothers. Not only are they nice to look at, but I could really use their magic on my house!

      There’s no such thing as too-warm shoes. LOL

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Amy,

    I’m right with you about winter, and I’ve lived here for most of my life! I’ll just add the shorter days and weak daylight to the first list before moving on 😉

    Fall also means seeing old friends as groups start up again (for me, it’s symphony). New television shows, Halloween candy, soup and chili. I can turn on the oven without worrying about getting too hot. Yard work goes down until snow shoveling season starts, lol. The cats are more comfortable and even snuggle up some. Hot chocolate and coffee!

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Mary, it makes me feel a little better to have an almost native agree about the weather. And I was just commenting on the dark mornings today. Ugh.

      Your additions are good ones! (Although there’s always a cat who will curl up with me here, whether I want one or not. :P)

  3. Great post! I love fall and winter. This is definitely the best time of the year IMO.

    If you like flannel sheets, try some microfleece ones — they are softer and warmer. It’s like sleeping in a cloud. LOL.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Writing the seasons into books …

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Ohh, better than flannel? I need to try some microfleece for sure. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer! (Best time of year? You’re making me cry. ;))

      • Edie Ramer says:

        We have microfleece sheets, but I only use them on the really freezing days. Otherwise they’re too warm for us. And, no, I don’t get hot flashes. 🙂 Fleece is just better for me.

  4. I’m so with you about the fall. It’s pretty and you get to do fun things like Halloween, hay rides, and corn mazes, but other than that, I can do without. It’s a prelude to the cold dread of winter. That’s why I’m living in the warmth of South Carolina right now. Although, I have to admit this flooding thing is new to me. Thankfully, we don’t live near the flooded areas. 😉

    • Amy Knupp says:

      Glad you’re above water, Marcia! Even if you did maybe rub it in a lil bit about living in the south… (It’s now the time of year when I AM jealous!) 🙂

  5. We’re just coming out of winter in Oz, but I love my trusty uggs. Toasty sheep’s wool lined comfort. Terrible to look at, but I don’t wear them out the house . . . well, sometimes, if I don’t have to get out of the car 🙂

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