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I am thrilled to introduce you to Jessica Allain. She had been doing some stunning work for me. I found her on Deviantart and contacted her and I’m so happy to have found her. Here is the progression of the third cover she did for me from photo to final for The Starbuck Chronicles. Below that are the three covers she’s done for me so far.

book progressino Chronicles 1-3

My name is Jessica Allain and I am 34 years old and currently residing in Atlantic Canada. I began doing digital art about 5 years ago but I have been an artist of sorts for the majority of my life. Growing up in the Country as an only child I was often left to my own devices in terms of entertainment so coloring and painting became my friends and sources of entertainment for me.

During my youth I lost touch with art, I was not very interested in the lame art classes offered in my school and was more interested in socializing than in creativity at the time.

When I was 28 my life drastically changed overnight when I was involved in a serious car accident and came close to losing my life. Due to my severe injuries I endured 4 surgeries and long hours of physio just to learn to walk again. During my period of recovery, I knew I wanted to fill my time and needed to get back to doing what I loved. My injuries were so painful that using an easel or painting in a traditional fashion was out of the question. I was however able to have my little laptop on my lap comfortably at the time. I quickly
began investigating ways to do digital art when I stumbled upon the site known as “Deviantart”. I was blown away with all the stunning artwork I found there, most of all I was intrigued with a type of artwork I had never heard of before called “photo manipulation”. I couldn’t believe the incredible artworks that were made
using photos. I then decided to purchase my first editing program of Photoshop elements.

I began the lengthy process of trying to learn photo editing and digital art. I spent many days and nights wanting to throw my computer out the window out of pure frustration. I also had many times of pure joy when I figured out how to do certain techniques. Learning Photoshop on my own was definitely one of the most difficult things I have ever had to learn but I was determined to do it. At the time I could only afford Photoshop elements which meant that most online tutorials were useless to me since they were mostly
created for full Photoshop programs. Eventually, I kept at it and got better and better the more time I spent creating.

Soon enough and to my amazement, people were noticing my work. Eventually I had people contacting me to do custom work, at first I refused, I did not feel confident in my skills enough to take on custom work. After some time and Once I felt comfortable enough I did take on a few projects here and there, even that was a  learning process for me. Eventually I was being contacted almost on a daily basis and decided in 2013 to try doing art full time.

Since then I have had my work published on over 50 book covers, several album covers, t shirts,mugs ect.I started a Facebook fan page in late 2012 and currently have over 75k followers which was quite a shock for me. I never set out to make art a full time job but it’s funny how life leads you into different directions from your original plan.

Had I not had that awful car accident I would never had gone down this path in life, I was also lucky enough to meet the love of my life on Deviantart, a site I would never had even known of if circumstances were different.

If you take anything from my story, take this….life can sometimes give you tragedy but from tragedy often comes triumph and joy.

Here are some examples of Jessica’s beautiful work:

Happy-Halloween leo glass-slipper fly-away Everything-She-Does-is-Magic Enchanted-Friendships Emerald-Fae










































































jessica-allain-1333006802-logo1Connect with Jessica through her FineArtAmerica, Deviantart or Facebook page.




A big thanks to Jessica. Her story is so uplifting and filled with determination, courage, and her own happily ever after. Just perfect!

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6 Responses to Artist and Cover Designer Jessica Allain

  1. Wow. You rock! Totally awesome art. And it just so happens I need someone like you for a few paranormal suspense covers. Might be serendipity. Especially given that I’m an accident survivor, too. Plus, my editor’s in Atlantic Canada. All very good signs. I’ll contact you privately later today.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Jessica, what an inspiring story! I love your images! I especially love the dragonet on Zoe’s books. And the other images are amazing, too.

    I admire you so much for all that you’ve achieved, especially since it was so hard and it took a lot of work and determination. I hope your physical health has improved as well.

  3. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Zoe and Jessica,

    Jessica, thank you for your deeply moving story. I admire your strength and grit getting through all that and finding and nurturing your beautiful talent. Your determination is inspirational.

    Breathtaking art!!

  4. Jessica says:

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and thanks Zoe for asking me to participate!

    Have a wonderful day!

    Jessica`s last blog was …stock feature

  5. Jessica, your story is so inspiring, and your artwork is breathtaking. I’m so glad you didn’t throw your laptop out the window 🙂

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