Like We’re Learning How to Walk

I posted a video below of a young child taking her first steps with a prosthetic leg. I don’t want to make less of this little girl’s struggle, but shortly before this video, I’d read this blog by Zoe Dawson’s cover designer, Jessica Allain, about how she was badly injured in an accident, and how from that – and from her great spirit – she learned a whole new craft (and met the love of her life).

I also was finishing the first draft of my new book, A LOVE & MURDER CHRISTMAS, and it wasn’t an easy book to write. None of mine are, but this was one that gave me trouble all the way through. But I had this powerful climax near the end. I was about 3/4 done with it when my cat decided I needed to stop writing and pet her. Not later but RIGHT NOW.

So I stopped. As I petted her, I looked online, found the video, and it reminded me so much of my writing. Falling and getting up. Falling again. Getting up again. Over and over and over. I’ve written a lot of books and stories, and though I falter more more often with some than others, it’s always that way.

I don’t think I’m the only one. I think most of us are survivors. We have this tremendous will to do what is so important to us. For some of us, it’s walking. For some, it’s survival. For others, it comes from love. For others, it comes from an inner need.

What about you? Where does your “fall and get up,” then “fall and get up” again … and again … and again … and never giving up, not ever, come from?


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  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Edie,

    Oh,wow, this is a great post. Almost every day is a struggle. That’s why meditation is such a relief, because for a while the struggle doesn’t exist, only the breath. But yes, worth it to birth the book 🙂

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