So Many Questions with Authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

Please help me welcome authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey to the blog today! They recently released Alternate Connection, the third novel in their romantic suspense Countermeasure Series on October 6, 2015. They write fabulous books and are just great people so I invited them to the blog so you all could get to know them a little better!

To start off, can you tell us a little about yourself?

18129882 Chris: I was born in Brazil, but I now live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m a total coding geek and my love for technology in general is one of the inspirations for my characters. My love for Ireland is also reflected on the setting and origin of characters in Countermeasure. Other than that, I love the outdoors and love to hike long distances, particularly when Geocaching. I’m also an avid swimmer and an eclectic music geek.

Cecilia: I’m based in Northern California and spend 6 weeks out of the year visiting Chris in Toronto, Canada. I happen to live about twenty minutes away from Napa which is pretty awesome since some fantastic wineries are just a hop, skip and jump away. I have a weakness for a good cup of coffee and consider books, music, and movies the perfect Trinity (I have a rep for watching my favorite movies over and over AND over again). I enjoy hanging out with friends into the wee hours of the morning, salt and vinegar kettle chips, traveling, and a lovely dram of scotch.

Have you been writing “forever” and if not, when/how did you decide to write?

Chris: We have been officially writing for the past 5 years. I began writing children’s stories at a very young age and Cecilia has written off and on for personal enjoyment. However, it wasn’t until we met while writing for an improv writing group that we clicked and decided to take our writing to the next level as self-published Indie authors.

What genres do you typically write?

Cecilia: We write romantic suspense and contemporary romance of any kind, all filled with steamy heat.

Do you read in the same genres you write?

Chris: We do and have a huge out of control “to be read pile.” *points at Cecilia* It’s her fault by the way. I also enjoy a mix of non-fiction while Cecilia’s tastes also run to paranormal romance.


Where do you find your inspiration and ideas for your stories?

Cecilia: Inspiration may come from Chris’s think tank (shower) sessions, a song we’ve heard, or a line we’ve read. Inspiration also comes to us through our individual experiences including; lives we’ve lead, jobs we’ve held, places we’ve traveled to and the people we’ve encountered along the way. There are an endless wealth of inspired stories running around in our heads and also sitting in our “to be written pile.”

Are you on social media? If so, which platforms do you like to use to interact with your readers most?

Chris: We are all over social media; you name it and we are there. However, you can usually find us hanging out most often on Facebook talking to readers and friends.

What is the strangest thing a reader has ever said to you?

Chris/Cecilia: It was actually a question. We’ve been asked if we act out the sensual scenes before writing them. The answer is no. We use our imagination and personal experiences for everything in our writing, but there’s no acting out those scenes.

What do you love most about the romance-writing world?

Cecilia: We enjoy the camaraderie and willingness to share helpful information and support. We have been extremely lucky to meet and forge some wonderful relationships with other authors within this genre.

Chris: Making friends and communicating with authors we admire. There’s always something to be learned when you mingle with authors who have walked the same paths you are walking now and they are generous to share their experiences more often than not.

What do you have coming up?

26429276Chris: Our planning calendar is packed. We are currently working on the first book in our Military Romance series – The AWE Crew. This new series is a spin-off from Countermeasure. It leads off with Ace’s story after the events in Alternate Connection, our most recent release. Also in the works is Locked and Reloaded, the fourth and last novel in the Countermeasure Series, and an untitled WIP, the first novel in our new Contemporary Romance series, Hindsight Cove.

Anything else you want to say to the Magical Musings readers?

Chris: Come find us. We always enjoy a good conversation and don’t bite…much.

* * * * *

Thank you to Chris and Cecilia for joining us today! They mentioned they are on social media, right? Well, below are a few of their accounts, but you can find more like Instagram, Goodreads, Vimeo, YouTube, etc here.


Chris Almeida –
Cecilia Aubrey –
Authors Facebook Page –


Joint –
Chris Almeida –
Cecilia Aubrey –

Chris and Cecilia were some of the first co-authors that I have gotten to know. I enjoy their collaboration and how they each bring their own touch to the stories. What are some of your your favorite co-authored books or writing duos? 

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7 Responses to So Many Questions with Authors Chris Almeida and Cecilia Aubrey

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Chris and Cecilia, how fun that you got together online. And that question about the sex scenes made me laugh. I had thought you two were a couple, but obviously I was wrong. I co-wrote one book. Though it was fun, I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.

    Probably my favorite co-authored books were Dick Francis’s books with his wife – who didn’t get any credit until after her death. (Her choice, by all reports.) I have a suspicion that she did all the writing, but he helped with the plotting and the details. The books were never as good after she died and he had male co-writers. Including Francis’s son.

  2. Thanks for hosting us, Amy. It is always fun. 🙂

  3. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Amy, Chris and Cecelia,

    Chris & Cecelia, congratulations on your latest release, Alternate Connection! I love the mystery and excitement of a good romantic suspense, and your book sounds great! I haven’t read a lot of current collaborations but enjoyed Leigh and David Eddings and Ellery Queen’s books. There’s an energy of ideas I think that comes across when two authors write together. Looking forward to The AWE Crew and your other upcoming books!

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