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images-3One Year I decided to break out of my safe, and scrimping lifestyle and splurge on a trip to Italy to study Jungian thought. It was magical.

One of the presenters was Makoto Fujimura, an abstract artist who is so talented and a warm and inspiring person just to be around.

He described creativity as looking at the world through the eyes of love, filtering it through your sense, and giving it a tangible form.

I love this! It speaks to me of how important it is to connect to myself.  And that when I find this connection I can share it with others and find real connections outside myself. This frame of mind changes the way I enter a conversation, the way I face my day, the way I write my story lines, and even the role I see myself playing in my life.

What does it mean to see the world through the eyes of love? It seems quite abstract to me at first. When I decide to do this I shed my critical eye, I give up on judgement. It is a state of mind where I am much more willing to receive and see where it will take me. I am willing to feel what naturally arises and share that through words or actions. This is the mindset took me to Italy.

So many people say “I’m not the creative type.” This seems crazy to me.  Enjoying life is a creative act. It begins by shifting your gaze to the eyes of love. I think this is the underlying message that many of the women are bringing to the consciousness of their man who is wired to fight fear.  Actually, a sensuous man can bring this out in a career driven woman as well.  It is these opposites that inspire the awakening to love and creativity.

My favourite movie that thrives on this theme is You’ve Got Mail. I can watch that film over and over again because I love the way Tom Hanks sees value in Meg Ryan and allows that to cause him to grow.  He sees the world through the eyes of love and he gives it a tangible form by cleaning up his life becoming the man she needs.

It’s not really a pattern until there are at least two versions so here is another example: In Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly sees the world with an open heart and it makes her heart ache. Undaunted she creates a glamorous version of her life which gets her into wacky situations but ultimately leads her to love.

What will you do today to view the world through the eyes of love?



About Kim Hudson

KIM HUDSON Author of The Virgin’s Promise I grew up in the Yukon, as what I would describe as a Hero’s daughter with a Cinderella Complex. Basically life taught me many of the things I needed to know to write my first book, The Virgin's Promise. It is on a story structure for a character that needs to connect to who she really is, separate from what everyone else expects of her. It uses movie example and is equally applicable to any kind of story telling. I spent the first half of my career first as a field geologist and later as a federal land claims negotiator. It was the 80's and I was proving I could do whatever men could do. I also learned that I am fascinated with masculine/feminine dynamics. Exploring my feminine side became important to me as I raised my two daughters. This lead me to study Writing for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School, and take courses on mythology, feminism and psychology including a Jungian Odyssey in Switzerland. The theory of the Virgin's journey was developed by closely observing the archetypal expressions that are all around us in movies, music, television, advertisements and stories of personal growth, including my own. In my posts I want to introduce an archetypal structure that expands the work of Joseph Campbell on the Hero's journey to include a feminine archetype. I hope it will create stories about women and men who follow their spiritual, sexual or creative awakening, otherwise known as their feminine side. I’ve tried to use examples of male and female Virgins to show this. So go ahead and explore the ideas, tell me what movies you liked and what stories you think is also a Virgin pathway, or stories of your own personal Virgin journey.
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7 Responses to thoughts on creativity…

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Kim, this is such a beautiful post. It inspired me. As a reminder, I have “Look at the world through the eyes of love” on a sticky note where I can easily see it. I’m going to try to do that today – look at everything with love. I think I already do that with my fictional characters. I need to do that more in my real life. Thank you!

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Kim,

    Beautiful post! That was one of the most valuable lessons I learned too, in the form of only acting out of love. Bringing in the good, but also breathing it out 🙂

  3. Kim Hudson says:

    Thank you for your comments! I feel inspired by them. Seeing this way is so generative. Just being around Mako was calming and joyful.

    have a love filled day!


  4. Kim, as always you inspire. Was the Italian trip where you met Marie-Louise Von Franz, or did you just study her there? I am such a fan of her work, and I know she’s passed away now, but she’s inspired all three of my fairy tale-based fantasies. I would have loved to have been on that journey to Italy with you!
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Mistress of the Wind on Sale

  5. Kim Hudson says:

    I met Marie-Louise when I was in Switzerland at a Jungian Odyssey. So lovely. Both trips are glorious memories for me with teachings that still effect me. I really should go on another one!

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