The Story I Thought I’d Never Write (PLUS 5 $10 egiftcard giveaway link)

Passion Bites released yesterday, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share Luke & Alexis’s heartfelt story with you.

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if Luke’s story would ever be written. I usually write first loves– because I’m deeply committed to grand passion, to love that lasts an eternity. Luke, as Biting Love series readers know, has lost his wife. How did I deal with that, help him heal emotionally?

Strangely, it was a woman whose own emotions are clogged who finally emerged from the pages as Luke’s savior. But just because Dr. Alexis Byornsson’s emotionally frozen doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings, quite the opposite! …although she does her darndest to deny them.

Bringing these two together was the hardest and yet most beautiful and fruitful thing I’ve ever attempted. The finished story still brings heartbreak and finally tears of joy to my eyes. And of course the usual Meiers Corners laughs and cold-drinks sex too.

Have I succeeded? Please read Passion Bites for yourself and let me know.

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PassionBites3x4.5First there was Logan’s story in Biting Me Softly, then Synnove’s in Beauty Bites. Now meet his brother Luke and her sister Alexis as they struggle to find their way in Biting Love book 9 Passion Bites.

A broken vampire and a driven doctor, seized by a passion neither can afford.

Dr. Alexis Byornsson has her hands full in the ER when her patient’s uncle blows into the exam room. Stitching up a five-year-old’s cut is hard enough without a blond god distracting her all to hell.

To say she’s furious is putting it mildly—not that anyone would notice. Not with the legendary control that’s earned her the nickname “Dr. Frozen”.

Luke Steel never knew a woman chastising him could be so sexy. But for the first time in three hundred years, passion stirs in his gut—along with panic. Since his wife was taken before his eyes in a brutal attack, he’s sworn he’d never feel that powerless again.

Almost before either Luke or Alexis realize what’s happening, they’re sharing a blazing kiss that shatters her logical armor and unleashes his wholly unwanted mating instinct. And spurs a closer-than-skin enemy to put into motion a devastating plan for revenge.

Warning: This book contains a hot doctor and a hotter vampire messing up sterile surfaces. The usual rogue shenanigans, but this time covering deeper motives. Hang on to your stethoscopes at what’s revealed!

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Mary, this sounds so much fun. I read the excerpt yesterday. I love your writing, and I’m going to buy the book now.

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