Cover reveal: Dark Deeds by Michelle Diener (with giveaway!)

I am so excited to let everyone know the sequel to Dark Horse, my space opera / science fiction romance novel, Dark Deeds, has a cover and a release date. It will be out on January 4th, 2016!

Dark Deeds is set shortly after Dark Horse, and has a different heroine and hero (and Class 5), although Rose, Dav and Sazo do make an appearance.

EJR Digital Art came through for me again with this really great cover. It rocks!

Dark Deeds


To celebrate the cover reveal, I’m giving away an ebook copy (Amazon only) of Dark Horse to a randomly-drawn commenter. Tell me what your favourite science fiction movie is to go into the draw.

About Dark Horse:

Dark Horse 250px heighSome secrets carry the weight of the world.

Rose McKenzie may be far from Earth with no way back, but she’s made a powerful ally–a fellow prisoner with whom she’s formed a strong bond. Sazo’s an artificial intelligence. He’s saved her from captivity and torture, but he’s also put her in the middle of a conflict, leaving Rose with her loyalties divided.

Captain Dav Jallan doesn’t know why he and his crew have stumbled across an almost legendary Class 5 battleship, but he’s not going to complain. The only problem is, all its crew are dead, all except for one strange, new alien being.

She calls herself Rose. She seems small and harmless, but less and less about her story is adding up, and Dav has a bad feeling his crew, and maybe even the four planets, are in jeopardy. The Class 5’s owners, the Tecran, look set to start a war to get it back and Dav suspects Rose isn’t the only alien being who survived what happened on the Class 5. And whatever else is out there is playing its own games.

In this race for the truth, he’s going to have to go against his leaders and trust the dark horse.

More about Dark Horse

About Michelle Diener

Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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14 Responses to Cover reveal: Dark Deeds by Michelle Diener (with giveaway!)

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  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle,

    Gorgeous cover! Thanks for the giveaway. Can’t wait to share it. I have many favorite science fiction movies, but I think Galaxy Quest is one of the quirkiest.

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, so excited about this! I love the cover, too. And too funny that Mary Hughes says Galaxy Quest, because I was going to say the same thing! I do love the first Star Wars trilogy but, like Mary said, Galaxy Quest was one of the quirkiest. And it has Alan Rickman, too.

  4. blodeuedd says:

    No blurb, bluuuuurb please 😀
    Will go share
    blodeuedd`s last blog was …A merry mistletoe wedding – Judy Astley

  5. Karen says:

    Star Trek First Contact is one I’ve always loved. Every couple years I have re-watch it. I mean… It’s the Borg!

  6. Alex says:

    Star Trek was and always eill be my first SciFi love. But book-wis, I’m so excited for this! I loved Dark Horse and am ready to read more in the series 🙂

  7. Blackrose says:

    My father took my brother and I (both under school age) to the cinema for the first time. The movie was ET. I cried. It now holds a special place in my heart and started my love for scifi.

  8. Congratulations, Blackrose, picked you as the winner of a copy of Dark Horse. I’ll be in touch to get your details.
    Michelle Diener`s last blog was …Cover Reveal: Dark Deeds (with giveaway!)

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