Falling in Love with Conferences

I am writing a creative non-fiction book. It’s a lonely world world where my biggest contact with people is when I try to do justice to explaining what creative non-fiction is (I think of it as having a theory or message to share that you communicate through an enjoyable blend of metaphor, story and research). I don’t get much contact with writers of my kind these days.

And then a conference came up that was a gathering of people who are potential readers of my book and I decided to attend.

images-9How lovely to commune with people who have a shared interest. In this case it is a geology conference with a collection of over a thousand men – but I don’t think that is the point. These are people who I have a shared work history with, people who reflect a certain confidence in my abilities, people who are sharing their passion for their own special project, and it is infectious.

Conferences are like a tonic for people who work at home or find themselves focused very tightly on their mission. It is so important to remember this. I find I need to take a look at my year and pick the timing, subject and location for the conferences which I will attend to ensure that there are a couple of injections of inspiration in my year.

This is the time to build a plan because it is a new year. A new beginning. Feb 4 marks the celebration of the first stirring of the seeds in the ground (Imbolc). If I wait until the conference is near I always have 3 other pulls on my time. If I don’t have the intention to explore new potential gatherings, I keep re-attending the ones I have been attending. My new motto is to go to one that is old and one that is new (that reminds me of something borrowed, something blue – I’ll have to think about what that might be). images-10

Well I better get back to it. I am all dressed up (compared to my yoga pants) in my sweater that matches my eyes and tall black boots that say nobody’s baby, while avoiding saying “hey there sailor, got a light?”

Hope you find a great conference, too!



About Kim Hudson

KIM HUDSON Author of The Virgin’s Promise I grew up in the Yukon, as what I would describe as a Hero’s daughter with a Cinderella Complex. Basically life taught me many of the things I needed to know to write my first book, The Virgin's Promise. It is on a story structure for a character that needs to connect to who she really is, separate from what everyone else expects of her. It uses movie example and is equally applicable to any kind of story telling. I spent the first half of my career first as a field geologist and later as a federal land claims negotiator. It was the 80's and I was proving I could do whatever men could do. I also learned that I am fascinated with masculine/feminine dynamics. Exploring my feminine side became important to me as I raised my two daughters. This lead me to study Writing for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School, and take courses on mythology, feminism and psychology including a Jungian Odyssey in Switzerland. The theory of the Virgin's journey was developed by closely observing the archetypal expressions that are all around us in movies, music, television, advertisements and stories of personal growth, including my own. In my posts I want to introduce an archetypal structure that expands the work of Joseph Campbell on the Hero's journey to include a feminine archetype. I hope it will create stories about women and men who follow their spiritual, sexual or creative awakening, otherwise known as their feminine side. I’ve tried to use examples of male and female Virgins to show this. So go ahead and explore the ideas, tell me what movies you liked and what stories you think is also a Virgin pathway, or stories of your own personal Virgin journey.
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3 Responses to Falling in Love with Conferences

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Kim,

    Shared passion, yes! So glad you found this great conference 🙂 There is nothing so refreshing, so stimulating, as being among dedicated colleagues.

  2. Kim, I’m going to the RWA conference this year in Adelaide. It will be the first conference I’ve been to since you and I met at the RWA conference in Fremantle. I’m so sorry you won’t be there! But I’m sure I’ll have fun and as you say, it’s always good to connect with dedicated colleagues.
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  3. Kim Hudson says:

    RWA is such a great conference! I will be there in spirit.

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