Falling in Love with Conferences

I am writing a creative non-fiction book. It’s a lonely world world where my biggest contact with people is when I try to do justice to explaining what creative non-fiction is (I think of it as having a theory or message to share that you communicate through an enjoyable blend of metaphor, story and research). I don’t get much contact with writers of my kind these days.

And then a conference came up that was a gathering of people who are potential readers of my book and I decided to attend.

images-9How lovely to commune with people who have a shared interest. In this case it is a geology conference with a collection of over a thousand men – but I don’t think that is the point. These are people who I have a shared work history with, people who reflect a certain confidence in my abilities, people who are sharing their passion for their own special project, and it is infectious.

Conferences are like a tonic for people who work at home or find themselves focused very tightly on their mission. It is so important to remember this. I find I need to take a look at my year and pick the timing, subject and location for the conferences which I will attend to ensure that there are a couple of injections of inspiration in my year.

This is the time to build a plan because it is a new year. A new beginning. Feb 4 marks the celebration of the first stirring of the seeds in the ground (Imbolc). If I wait until the conference is near I always have 3 other pulls on my time. If I don’t have the intention to explore new potential gatherings, I keep re-attending the ones I have been attending. My new motto is to go to one that is old and one that is new (that reminds me of something borrowed, something blue – I’ll have to think about what that might be). images-10

Well I better get back to it. I am all dressed up (compared to my yoga pants) in my sweater that matches my eyes and tall black boots that say nobody’s baby, while avoiding saying “hey there sailor, got a light?”

Hope you find a great conference, too!



  1. Hi, Kim,

    Shared passion, yes! So glad you found this great conference 🙂 There is nothing so refreshing, so stimulating, as being among dedicated colleagues.