Strong Women in Books

Dark Deeds 250 highOne thing that will make me stop reading a book is a whiny heroine. I love strong women in real life and in my fictional life. I need them. The genre doesn’t matter. All of Michelle Diener’s heroines – in several genres – are strong and smart. You won’t find one weak heroine in her books.

The same with Jennifer Estep’s books. In fact, her characters will kill the bad guys – and save the good guys. A few might even steal from the bad and the good.

Mary Hughes’ heroines will help save the world (or town). They’ll also make you laugh, and they’ll get the handsome vampire. 🙂

Dale Mayer’s heroines come with horrendous problems, and sometimes they need a little help, but in the end, they’re often the main factor in saving whatever is wrong in her fictional worlds.

Edie and the CEOMy women characters might need a little help from a man or a dog/cat/pooka, but they’re definitely in the front lines of the plot. And in the end, my heroines don’t just get the bad guys, they often get the puppy or kitty, too. Oh, and the hero, of course.

For many years, Garrison Keillor has done well on public radio, on stage, at least one movie (that I’m aware of), and in books with his stories about “Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children above average.” I wish I’d thought of that motto first. It’s great to know that some men love strong women, too. In return, I think women have always liked men who are good-looking.

Who are some of your favorite strong women characters?

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6 Responses to Strong Women in Books

  1. Aw, thanks! I appreciate that. 🙂

    I love strong women characters too. Right now, I’m really enjoying Supergirl.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Bitter Bite audiobook up for pre-order …

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Jennifer, both my husband and I love Agent Carter. I watched the first show last year, and I wasn’t impressed. I can’t remember why, but I’m glad we took another try at it this year. We’re totally enjoying it. My other favorite two shows this year are The Mysteries of Laura and the Ellen Design Show. All women. And Blue Bloods, which is mostly men dominated.

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Thanks, Edie <3

    I've always loved your strong women, from Belle the cat in Cattitude to secondary characters like Sylvia in Rules of Love and Murder.

    Peggy Carter is a favorite of mine too! And Agent May in Agents of SHIELD.

    Book favorites are Polgara in Eddings' Belgariad and Elizabeth Peters's 19th century archeologist Amelia Peabody.

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Mary, Belle from Cattitude is still one of my favorite characters, as is Sylvia. Sylvia’s son, Chuck, is the hero in my wip, though he’s not as strong as his mom. It’s hard to beat Sylvia. 🙂

      I did love Amelia Peabody. I’ll have to get Belgariad from the library. Thanks for the recommend.

  3. Thanks, Edie! 🙂 xxx

    I love your heroines, too. They always what they want and go after it.

    I remember back when I was in high school and read romance, and most of the heroines were very young, naive and didn’t know how to stand up for themselves. How things have changed for the better!

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Thanks, Michelle! I do remember heroines like that. But I also read Pride & Prejudice and other Jane Austen books. Then there was Little Women. I LOVED Jo! And actually quite a few others. They weren’t contemporary romances, so maybe that was the difference.

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