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reminder on iphoneI just realised that a series I love had a couple of new books out that I didn’t know about. It’s great, because I suddenly have two books to read that I am really looking forward to, but I decided to follow the author on Amazon, so I didn’t miss another book again.

I got to wondering how other people keep up with books from a series they are looking forward to. I have a New Release Notification list on my website, and I let readers on that list know when I have a new book out, and I generally give away a number of free copies of the new book to randomly-drawn subscribers to that list each time, as a thank you to them for being there.

I suppose that’s the benefit of joining an author’s list, rather than the Amazon follow function, more interaction and prizes.

I only send out to my list when I have a new release, so twice, maybe three times a year, depending on how many books I manage to get out. It works for me, because I can’t see myself sending out monthly newsletters. All I’ve got to say is that I’m writing the next book *g*, although some authors really make it work for them.

But what about you? Do you subscribe to author newsletters, or new release notification lists, or follow authors whose work you love on FB or twitter to see what they’re up to, or even Goodreads? What’s your preferred method of finding out what new releases your favourite authors have coming up?

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3 Responses to Following Series

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle,

    That’s so nice, finding you have two new books to read! I love searching for authors I follow on the shelves or Amazon for new releases. Finding one is like finding buried treasure lol. Cool idea about the giveaway with your newsletter. I usually include a couple fun bits in mine, also as a thank you for readers.

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    I subscribe to more than a half dozen newsletters. A few I subscribe to because I admire their business savvy as an author, and I want to see what they’re doing as an author. I only officially ‘follow’ a few authors on Amazon. I should do a few more. For my own subscribers, every once in a while, I do a giveaway announcement. That’s always fun to do. 🙂

  3. Tempest says:

    In the past, the Amazon follow button hasn’t been the most reliable. I’ll keep an eye out on social media for what authors are doing, but I rely most heavily on their newsletters. Some authors will talk about their progress, so I know something is coming up, but others . . . just WHAM! . . . a book/novella is out or available for pre-order. I like knowing that I’ll be notified when something new is out.

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