Debunking Teenage Boy Myths

I live in a house full of males. Technically, two of them are teenagers and the other one is my middle-aged husband, who only sometimes acts like a teenager. Even before we had children, I remember people predicting what our lives would be like once we had teenagers cohabitating with us. Suddenly (sixteen or more years later), we’re living THAT life. So I thought it would be a valuable service for me to cover some of the common myths about teenage boys and reveal whether they’re true or false.

Top Five Teenage Boy Myths

5. Myth: Teenage boys stink.


Stink is far too mild of a word. In fact, eau de teenage boys is a combination of toxic funk and a radioactive landfill on a summer’s afternoon when the temperature is 95 and the humidity is 98%.

4. Teenage boys will eat you out of house and home.


The sixteen-year-old works at HuHot as a host. Sometimes after his shift, he buys a bowl of food. And then after that, he comes home and eats a full ’nother meal. Example: last night, after his “bowl” of stir fry, he came home, filled a quart-sized bowl with pasta and ground beef, and said, as he sat down to devour it, “I already ate at work, so this should fill me up.” And the fourteen-year-old is worse. There’s a reason my husband and I both work multiple jobs.

3. Teenage boys can’t wait to learn to drive and get their license.


Teaching the sixteen-year-old to drive has been like pulling teeth. Getting him to work on the thirty hours of road time…? Convincing a cat to write a novel would be easier. The fourteen-year-old has declared that cars are scary and he doesn’t think he’ll ever try to get his license.

2. All teenage boys talk about is sports and girls.


Ours, so far, are afraid of girls, or at least afraid of talking about girls. Instead, common topics at our dinner table are nuclear physics, quantum mechanics, and stupid cat puns. I know. I’m living the dream. 😉

1. All teenage boys ever do is play video games.


We had one come out of his room for a full fifteen minutes straight just yesterday, and it wasn’t even mealtime!

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6 Responses to Debunking Teenage Boy Myths

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi Amy,

    Oh, heavens, this is hilarious and TRUE! This sounds so much like my sons. I was nodding the whole time I read it. Love the noodle story :l

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Ha! Interesting about boys. We only had one, and it was quite a while ago. I’ll have to remember this when I write a teenaged boy in a book.

    BTW, I looked up HuHot. I wish I had one near me.

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