Guest Blogger: Claire Boston

HeadShotI’m so thrilled to have Claire Boston as a guest on Magical Musings today. Claire and I both live in Western Australia and have fun catching up in person every now and then. Here she is, talking about making the best of whatever situation you land up in.

Making Lemonade

A huge thank you to the Magical Musings crew for inviting me to do a guest blog.
Have you heard the saying, When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? That pretty much describes my working life over the past two years.

At the end of 2014 I was made redundant. I’d been working for the company for ten years and suddenly they didn’t want me anymore. They didn’t think my job was necessary. I went through shock, anger and sorrow, and was even told I could bargain for my job – tell them why it was important and they might reconsider. Then they handed me my redundancy package. Things got immediately brighter. ☺ Because I’d been with the company for so long the package included a payout which was almost a year’s salary before tax. Cha-ching!

I resisted the urge to sign straight away and took it home to discuss it with my husband. We did the math and decided I could spend some time pursing my dream – writing full time. Talk about a dream come true.

IntoTheFireCoverI had just submitted my second book to my publisher, Momentum and was waiting to see if they would publish it. I began work on the third book and because I write fast, had the first draft completed a month after I had stopped working. By the time Momentum offered me a contract for the second book, I was able to say, would you like the third book in the series as well? They said yes, and being as these things all take time, by the time the contracts arrived, I’d almost completed the draft of the final book in the series as well – were they interested?

Within two months of being made redundant, I had a three book contract! It was only possible because I’d grasped the opportunity handed to me in the shape of a yellow citrus fruit and made the most of it.

The final book in that series, Into the Fire, came out last month. It was so fantastic to have four books to my name and to have a completed series. 2016 was all planned with another three book series due out and then I received the email that author’s dread. My publisher was scaling back and would not be publishing The Flanagan Sisters.

More damn lemons.

After I went through those stages of grief again, I began to think I could turn this into a positive. I loved working with Momentum, but the one thing that frustrated me was I couldn’t see my sales regularly. I couldn’t tell if my marketing was working or if I was wasting money. I assessed my options, did the math again (ugh!) and decided to indie-publish the series.

The first book, Break the Rules, has already been edited by my publisher and all it needs is a cover, and I can use the same editor for the second book. The only thing I have to learn is how to format the books and use the platforms for self-publishing. It’s too early to tell how the lemonade will turn out, but if determination and dedication count for anything, it will be sweet.


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Michelle Diener writes historical fiction and fantasy. To find out more about her and her novels, you can visit her website.
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  1. Hi, Claire! I think every author has had more than a few lemons in their life. I know I have. Congrats to you for moving forward and on your books. Good luck with everything.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Making time to read comics …

  2. Mary Hughes says:

    Hi, Michelle and Claire,

    Welcome, Claire! My husband has a saying, “I will not let this be a bad thing.” Sounds like you follow that too! Congrats on taking the hard knocks and turning them around. And big congrats on your upcoming release of Break the Rules, and your new series!
    Mary Hughes`s last blog was …3T Writing Tidbit

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