Finally! The 9th installment is here!

It was a rough winter and an even rougher spring so far, but I’m weathering the tides of change. Finally, I managed to get back to a few of the basics and in this case, I mean one of my original series – Family Blood Ties. Originally started for my daughter, it’s now on it’s 9th book (releases tomorrow!) and there will be one book more in the series, that I know of, coming in the fall. 🙂

Vampire in Control


The Family Blood ties continues in this 9th installment of the vampire versus vampire saga.

Life couldn’t be any worse…

Caught in a web of Deanna’s making Tessa struggles to find her role in this new reality.
Cody can’t believe how quickly his life has deteriorated. He believes in Tessa. Knew she had what it took and is desperate to do what he can to save her.

Only there are secrets, and like poison, fester until they are released. Tessa and Cody have to find their way through the maze of lies and deceit to a safe haven on the other side.

The whole gang is caught in life and death struggles as they near the end of this war.

But how close are they and who will survive?

Available soon at:, iBooks, B&N, Google Play, Kobo – coming soon!

Coming soon are the conclusions of Biker Blues: Salvation and Biker Blues: Morgan series! It must be spring as I appear to be spring cleaning! 🙂 All are being released on April 18 for one big release day!

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4 Responses to Finally! The 9th installment is here!

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Dale, congratulations! How exciting to build to the finale of a great series, Vampire in Control sounds like another gripping read! Congrats on the upcoming Biker Blues releases too!

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Dale, this has been suck an amazing, crazy ride for you with this series! Congrats on your latest book!

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