New release!!! Celeste is finally here…

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Happy Summer!

July was jam packed and August hasn’t slowed down. But today is the release of book three in the Glory series! For those of you that like a little fantasy with your mystery and romance, this series is for you!

This is Matt and Celeste’s story.
Being last sucked. And so did going home less than triumphant.
Celeste is injured only this time it’s her leg and not her pride. There’s no room for the latter when she’s being stalked. And now someone is out to destroy her and her sisters…

Matt has been waiting for Celeste to return — to him. She was a strong energy worker and trying to track her down would be futile. And pointless. She’d be found only if she wanted to be.

Considering she’d stayed away as long as she had, he worried that maybe she wasn’t planning on coming back — ever.

But Glory is heating up and life for Celeste and her sisters is coming up to crunch time. They need her back. And she’s come back — on her terms.

The three sisters must unite to fight the secret enemy in their midst and to preserve their way of life. That means Celeste must make peace with herself and Matt — before it’s too late.

Next month we’re back to SEALs with the release of MARKUS! INTO THE ABYSS is also up for preorder! VAMPIRE IN CHARGE is coming in October and SEALs of Honor: EVAN is coming in November! ☺

[ cover: Celeste ]

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Available for Pre-order:

[ cover: SEALs of Honor: Markus ]
September 20, 2016

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[ cover: Into The Abyss ]
January 17, 2017

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  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Dale, congrats on another release! You are rocking!

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