Free Romantic Suspense Short Story Giveaway!

Two weeks ago, I was part of a big romantic suspense giveaway, which gave me a lot of new newsletter subscribers. Over the weekend, I offered my new subscribers a free Love & Murder short story, Unforgettable Love & Murder. It’s a standalone story (as are all my Love & Murder books), over 13,000 words, which is a nice size for a short story. I’m happy with the story, and I love the cover by EJR Digital Art. It’s one of my favorite covers – and it doesn’t even have a cat or dog! (If you’re not familiar with my books, the covers usually have a cat or dog – or plural.)

I don’t plan on putting this story on any of the online bookstores. Now that I’ve sent it to the romantic suspense giveaway subscribers, I’m going to offer it to my other newsletter subscribers by the end of the week. (If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, you don’t have to subscribe again.) Here’s the info!

Unforgettable Love and Murder266x400

When Allie Dalmon was eleven, she killed a man. No one knew except the boy who went away … and now he’s back.

Twenty years after his mother’s boyfriend tried to kill him, former Navy SEAL Zach Winters returns to Trouble Bay. He’s never forgotten the moment he’d looked up from his would-be killer’s dead body into the wide eyes of the girl leaning over the rock fence on the cliff above him. The girl who’d saved his life.

Allie remembers the boy, too. She’s a therapist for the school system now, along with her therapy dog. She’s recently had an an awkward break-up, but her life is still good, and Zach doesn’t owe her anything.

Then Zach sees something that makes him wonder if someone wants to harm Allie. Now he’s not going anywhere. Not until it’s over…

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I subscribe to newsletters of my favorite authors. And I do subscribe sometimes to read a free book. I can always unsubscribe, and it’s a great way to see if I like the author’s books.

Just curious. Do you subscribe to authors’ newsletters?

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6 Responses to Free Romantic Suspense Short Story Giveaway!

  1. Mary Hughes says:

    Edie, what a great cover for a great story! Terrific idea to offer it as a perk for newsletter subscribers. An awesome way to get a taste of your writing!

    • Edie Ramer says:

      Mary, thanks! I started my writing career with short stories in the mystery genres. Most centered around a single incident, but this was a longer story and gives the reader a better idea of my longer L&M books. And, yes, I love that cover!

  2. Very cool idea to do a free story/newsletter giveaway. Good luck with it!
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Hanging out with Gin Blanco and Jane Yellowrock — The Complete Interview …

  3. Edie Ramer says:

    Jennifer, thanks! I like writing short stories, so this was fun for me.

  4. It’s a great book, so your subscribers are going to love it, Edie!

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