tissuesI just read a book that was a real tear-jerker. I actually realised I was reluctant to pick it up and continue reading it because I couldn’t stop the tears while I was reading.

Sometimes I can see when I’m being emotionally manipulated, most often when watching tv or movies, but this book wasn’t manipulating me, it was just heart-breaking and uplifting at the same time. I knew from the blurb it was going to be emotionally charged. The hero and the heroine’s daughter were both disabled, and the themes were about guilt and redemption. It had tear-jerker written all over it. But I was surprised how much it affected me, and hats off to the author, because she did her job and then some of making me invested in her characters’ lives.

I love connecting with characters so much their heartbreak or triumph has the power to move me, but don’t often indulge in true tear-jerkers often, I prefer some action to balance things out, and less angst. But it’s good to take a dip in the tear-jerker pool every now and then, although I try not to read those books when I’m commuting on a train or plane, sobbing in public not being something I enjoy, LOL.

Do you enjoy shedding a tear or two when you’re reading? Or are books like this something you avoid?

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8 Responses to Tear-jerkers

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Michelle, I do sometimes enjoy a tearjerker, but if it’s too sad (or horrifying), I might skip to the end. We read to feel the emotions secondhand and to be entertained. I do like to feel all of the emotions, to some extent. And though I like the emotions of happiness and love and laughter more than the others, if it’s too easy to achieve and there are no struggles or unhappiness along the journey, then it’s not as interesting.

  2. I don’t usually read tearjerkers. I like happy endings when I read. But sometimes, you know it’s going to be a tearjerker, especially with books about pets, like Marley & Me.
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  3. Mary Hughes says:

    I don’t read them, not if that’s what they’re about. I have seen enough tragedy in real life. Sorry, I know they’re cathartic for some people, but not for me.

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