Publishing in another language – oh my!

I just got word that my book, The Virgin’s Promise: writing stories of spiritual, creative and sexual awakening, will be coming out in Italian!

Instantly I can see myself pilgrimaging to Italy each year, to a small hilltop village near the ocean, where I deliver a workshop to keen Italian writers, and eat absolutely divine Italian food.

Is this a fantasy? Or is life really like this when you believe and take a leap?


The first part that surprised me is that I have nothing to do with the new book. I got a short two line note from my publisher that this will happen. Will they use the same cover picture? I’d love the chance to change the title! It is interesting to experience the role of the writer after the book goes into the public domain. One thing I would try to do differently is keep the rights to spin off products like apps and book inspired jewelry next time. I heard J. K.Rowlings did this and she did quite well.

It also is a good idea to really know your contract, even if it looks like a lot of legalese. Agreements need to have life breathed into them. Also, your agreement is only as good as your relationship with your publisher. Much that’s not covered happens spontaneously when you have an easy connection. They call when there is a workshop just perfect for you to present at, they know you are interested in something and arrange an online introduction.

The fun part is researching my village. I once stayed in a lovely hotel at
the foot of Assisi that has real possibilities. I am travelling in my
imagination these days and it is pretty great. I am open to suggestions if anyone has visited that little undiscovered haven…

All the details of finding participants and overcoming the language barrier flood in, technical compatibilities (I once did a workshop whee I used film clips only to learn that different countries have different DVD players) but who knows. Just imagining it is a powerful beginning.

I’d love to hear of other people’s adventures in selling books in other countries.

About Kim Hudson

KIM HUDSON Author of The Virgin’s Promise I grew up in the Yukon, as what I would describe as a Hero’s daughter with a Cinderella Complex. Basically life taught me many of the things I needed to know to write my first book, The Virgin's Promise. It is on a story structure for a character that needs to connect to who she really is, separate from what everyone else expects of her. It uses movie example and is equally applicable to any kind of story telling. I spent the first half of my career first as a field geologist and later as a federal land claims negotiator. It was the 80's and I was proving I could do whatever men could do. I also learned that I am fascinated with masculine/feminine dynamics. Exploring my feminine side became important to me as I raised my two daughters. This lead me to study Writing for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School, and take courses on mythology, feminism and psychology including a Jungian Odyssey in Switzerland. The theory of the Virgin's journey was developed by closely observing the archetypal expressions that are all around us in movies, music, television, advertisements and stories of personal growth, including my own. In my posts I want to introduce an archetypal structure that expands the work of Joseph Campbell on the Hero's journey to include a feminine archetype. I hope it will create stories about women and men who follow their spiritual, sexual or creative awakening, otherwise known as their feminine side. I’ve tried to use examples of male and female Virgins to show this. So go ahead and explore the ideas, tell me what movies you liked and what stories you think is also a Virgin pathway, or stories of your own personal Virgin journey.
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  1. Congrats on the foreign sale! That’s very cool. I think one of the most interesting things about foreign sales is seeing how different the covers can be from country to country.
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