The last few pages

I am very close to finishing my next book. It is a new audience for me which makes it very difficult to finish. As long as I am in the writing phase I have my own little world and it is lovely to be a writer. The hard part is the potential rejection after the writing is done. Easy answer is, don’t finish.

Oh, just a minute, I think I will build a fire.

Much better. I love the crackle of life a fire brings. Where was I? The final mile. I like to keep going back to the beginning of the book and read for enjoyment. Is that odd? I enjoy my own writing like a person who loves their own cooking. They are very similar actually. My daughter will be home in half an hour. I should bake cookies like I did when she was young. She is in her last year of high school and soon I will have to mail her cookies to her, if I feel inclined to bake.

I took up figure skating at lunch time today. All I could muster was twenty minutes of circling the rink. A few hours earlier I became convinced that I have been sitting and writing for so long that my head was disconnecting from my body. I was afraid I would lose the ability to write with passion, so I set the stove timer, and headed out the door at noon, skates in hand, like a robot.

Turns out figure skating is not like riding a bike. I used to skate as a kid, so it wasn’t a complete red herring to strap on my skates today. I saw it more as a turning back of the clock. In reality it was a turning on of the cold shower of realization of just how far that clock has ticktocked.

Since I went skating I better not bake. I’ll write.

I wonder what Justin Bieber is doing these days? Maybe I’ll do a little research before I really get into the writing.

Is it just me, or is the stuff we do when the writing is tough absolutely hilarious?

About Kim Hudson

KIM HUDSON Author of The Virgin’s Promise I grew up in the Yukon, as what I would describe as a Hero’s daughter with a Cinderella Complex. Basically life taught me many of the things I needed to know to write my first book, The Virgin's Promise. It is on a story structure for a character that needs to connect to who she really is, separate from what everyone else expects of her. It uses movie example and is equally applicable to any kind of story telling. I spent the first half of my career first as a field geologist and later as a federal land claims negotiator. It was the 80's and I was proving I could do whatever men could do. I also learned that I am fascinated with masculine/feminine dynamics. Exploring my feminine side became important to me as I raised my two daughters. This lead me to study Writing for Film and Television at Vancouver Film School, and take courses on mythology, feminism and psychology including a Jungian Odyssey in Switzerland. The theory of the Virgin's journey was developed by closely observing the archetypal expressions that are all around us in movies, music, television, advertisements and stories of personal growth, including my own. In my posts I want to introduce an archetypal structure that expands the work of Joseph Campbell on the Hero's journey to include a feminine archetype. I hope it will create stories about women and men who follow their spiritual, sexual or creative awakening, otherwise known as their feminine side. I’ve tried to use examples of male and female Virgins to show this. So go ahead and explore the ideas, tell me what movies you liked and what stories you think is also a Virgin pathway, or stories of your own personal Virgin journey.
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  1. Fun post. And very true. Sometimes, I want to do anything other than write. LOL.
    Jennifer Estep`s last blog was …Fall reads …

  2. Edie Ramer says:

    Figure skating sounds like fun. I usually read a book or take a walk. Or bake. Once in a great while, I’ll clean. Congrats on being so close to finishing!

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