What Day is Today?

Back in my IT days, I was known as the Volvo Goddess. I worked with a marketing database of a famous car company who shall remain nameless, but whose cars regularly passed the 100K mile mark even back in the bad old 80s (when cars were just starting to come out of the rustbucket gas-guzzling phase).

Now you may not know this, but car model years actually start in fall of the year before. So 2017 models will have released already, and 2018 is on the drawing board. For marketing, since we had to get ahead of the selling curve, this often mean I was dealing with the next year in June.

Sometimes I dated my checks that way.  You remember checks, the paper things we used instead of cash before debit cards, lol.

It was always a relief when January finally came. On the plus side, I never made a mistake dating checks with the old year.

Writing is a lot like that. I sit here on a rainy September day, the window open to 68 F temps, writing a post that will go live in November when it will almost certainly be 30s or low 40s. Working on a book that won’t be due until December, and will probably release in 2017 but maybe as late as 2018. A book that’s set in October. Still marketing a book that released in August of 2016.Thinking about plots for an April Fools short story.

I am in such trouble if I ever get in an accident. When the EMT asks, “What day is today?” I won’t know.

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3 Responses to What Day is Today?

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Too funny, Mary! I have to look at the date on my computer often, so I’m close to the same. And as an indie author, this does get confusing, especially since I’m never sure when I’ll finish my book.

  2. LOL, that is funny, Mary. I’ve lived my life in countries where we always put the day, then the month and then the year, so today looks like this for me: 10/11/16. It always trips me up when I’m setting a date in the US (why oh why does the month come first for you, I don’t understand! :)) and I’ve occasionally picked the wrong date because of this.
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