Michelle Diener, Liz Kreger, Karin Tabke, and I started Magical Musings back in 2005. Since that time, Michelle and I have had many other wonderful blog partners. On a sad note, Liz has since passed away. I still miss her and think of her often. I’ve enjoyed being part of the blog, but social media has changed, and we’ve decided to stop blogging at the end of the month. Not counting my Friday Finds posts, this will be my last post for the year.

I thought it would be fun to talk about my journey as an author. I started with mystery short stories, which I sold to print mystery magazines. My first self-published book was CATTITUDE, about a cat who changed bodies with a woman. It’s still one of my favorite books. After that, I wrote a few paranormal romances. I soon switched to contemporary romance with magical realism elements (my Miracle Interrupted books), then a contemporary romance series with cats and/or dogs (my Rescued Hearts series), and then my Love & Murder romantic suspences.

I was evolving as a person and a writer, mixing together the different things that I love in a book. I like to think that I’m always evolving. My Love & Murder books still have a love story. There is usually someone in danger. Sometimes more than one person. These are not formula books. I even have a woman in one of the books who starts off as a would-be villain and changes into the heroine. With the exception of my first Love & Murder book (Truth About Love & Murder), the books are all set in a fictional town in a real Wisconsin county.

Each book has a dog or a cat or both, so I still kept that. Usually someone has been in the military. (The book I’m writing now has a therapy dog and a serviceman with a prosthetic leg. The heroine is in the Federal Witness Protection Program.)

What I like most about this series is that I can write so many different characters and plots. I had a pooka in the form of a giant black cat in A Love & Murder Christmas (Love & Murder Book 3). So far, the only paranormal element in the series. I feel so lucky to write books and characters that I enjoy reading and writing.

One big change in my books is sex scenes. I was feeling as if I were repeating myself when I wrote sex scenes, which I don’t like to do in my plots or characters. The lovers in my books will probably still be making love, but unless something unusual happens during their lovemaking, I won’t be writing their sex scenes. I’m pretty sure that the readers can use their own imagination.

I still love to connect with readers. I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook or Twitter. I’d like to get on more social network places, but it’s been a super busy year, and I haven’t made the time yet. If you haven’t read any of my books and would like to try one, I do have a few free ones. And Truth About Love & Murder is only 99 cents! Plus, you can sign up for my newsletter and get a free Love & Murder short story! Do-Over Love & Murder (Book 6) will be available in February or March.

I’m wishing all of you magical holidays and a wonderful new year. I feel blessed to have met so many people through the blog, and have worked with so many amazing authors whose books I love to read.

Since I mentioned that I’m cutting down on sex scenes, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on sex scenes. Do you love to read them? Or do you skim them?

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4 Responses to Changes…

  1. blodeuedd says:

    Oh no :/ But yes the media is always changing.

    As for sex, oh I am a serial sex scene skimmer, I want the romance, and when you have read a few, you have read all sex scenes

    • Edie Ramer says:

      B, I’m a serial sex scene skimmer, too. A scene has to have a lot of emotion in it now for me to read it all the way through – and that doesn’t happen often. Good to know that I’m not the only one!

      See you on FB and your blog!

  2. Edie, it’s been my privilege and my pleasure to be with you for so many years of your writer’s journey. I know my own journey has been better by far for having you walking with me on the road.

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