Not Really Goodbye…

As one of the newer members of Magical Musings, I got lucky with the ladies here. It’s been so much fun being a part of their world. But, it’s not really goodbye. We’re all still here and all still writing the books we love for the readers who love them. I know I have made lasting friendships.

For me, the last year has been intense and filled with projects. I released ten novels!

Going to the Dogs 2: The Alphas released in March with Piggy Bank Blues with two more books. The most recent release this month! Louder Than Words!

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RN Talia Cassano works on the same floor of the hospital as gorgeous, sexy Dr. Connor Wentworth, sought after high society bachelor and world renowned reconstructive surgeon. Burned by love, she’s well aware she’s out of his league and really wants a simple life, her dream to own a flower shop on the horizon. But then her brother and mother are in a car accident, her brother’s head and face injuries severe and disfiguring. Even her life savings won’t cover the expensive procedures. She knows that Connor works for AlphaGroup and a grant could help with the high cost of his services. Even as he works tirelessly and generously for the sake of her brother, could she trust the same type of man who had burned her in the past?

With Talia’s application to AlphaGroup, Connor doesn’t challenge his deep need to take on her brother pro bono. His work has been his life and his relationships have remained uncomplicated on purpose. He realized at a young age that it would either be medicine or love. He couldn’t do both well enough to suit his conscience. But there was something about the lovely nurse he couldn’t shake and he’d been trying for months. When he’s thrown together with her over the care of her brother, this sweet, down-to-earth beauty shakes up his upper-crust world and his foundations. Can they somehow meet in the middle or will their goals pull them apart?

As the new year rolls on in, my plans for 2017 are shaping up with the continuation of my Hope Parish series and Book #12, Sheltering Lawson in January. The second book in my Mavrick Allstars, extreme sports series, Impact Zone in February. Then more Going to the Dogs books with Book #4, Aiden’s story with What Matters Most out in March!







So you see, this isn’t really goodbye…

Friendships will last and we’re in store for more wonderful romance from my Magical Musings sisters and yours truly!

Thanks for having me ladies! It was an honor! Farewell until we meet again!

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Last, but not least, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!







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2 Responses to Not Really Goodbye…

  1. Edie Ramer says:

    Zoe, it’s been a joy working with you and getting to know you. And it’s amazing that you published so many books this year. LOUDER THAN WORDS sounds awesome. Congratulations! May the writing magic continue!

  2. Zoe Dawson says:

    Thanks, Edie. I feel the same way about you guys!
    Zoe Dawson`s last blog was …A Perfect Holiday Release!

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