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Last Friday, I started to read a romantic suspense book by a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, and on the third page, two different brands of designer shoes were mentioned. The first mention was irritating. The second mention had … Continue reading

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Christmas Movies

Christmas is coming soon, and I wish there were a great Christmas movie out already, but I haven’t seen a new one that was awesome for a long time. And I hate it when they remake the older, wonderful movies, … Continue reading

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To Liz Kreger with Love

Liz Kreger, our good friend and fellow Magical Musings author, passed away last Thursday morning, but it’s hard to write this in the past tense. She was so vibrantly alive, not a cancer victim but a cancer warrior. In all … Continue reading

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No Rules

Lately, more authors have been writing serials – books with the same characters that don’t have an ending in the first book, or the second or the third. In fact, it might take seven books or more before the serial … Continue reading

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Special guest Melanie Atkins, Author and Castle Fan Girl

I’m pleased to have Melanie Atkins as my guest today. Melanie is a top selling romantic suspense author at Desert Breeze Publishing, and she’s also branching off into her own. I’m so excited for her! Not only that, she and … Continue reading

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Heroines Among Us with Giveaway picked Elena K as the winner of the $10 gift card. Congratulations, Elena! As authors, we write about heroes – men and women – but lately I’ve been inspired by authors who are a part of the Magical Musical … Continue reading

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What Would You Do?

As I write this, I have a cold and I’m not at my best, so I’m stealing an idea from a writer friend, Elle J Rossi. On her Facebook page, she asked an improv question last Friday: “You’re standing in the middle … Continue reading

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Entranced Release Party!

On Tuesday, October 14, you’re invited to the Facebook release party for Entranced: A Halloween Box Set, along with Mary Hughes, Michelle Diener, Dale Mayer, Liz Kreger and Edie Ramer – all Magical Musings’ authors – plus Lori Handeland, Nancy … Continue reading

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Memorable Idiosyncrasies

I just returned yesterday from a two-week tour of England, Ireland and Scotland, which started and ended in London. Because it’s the end of the tourist season, there were only 18 of us, plus our tour director and the driver. … Continue reading

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My title might seem misleading, but this isn’t a post about sex. Not even chocolate. Nope, my worst obsession is words. I spend way too much time trying to find the exact, perfect words to use. This goes from titles, … Continue reading

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